Positive and negative effects of Hurricanes

One of the most disastrous natural storm forms of the earth is the Hurricanes. Almost all of us have heard of a hurricane and definitely been psyched at some point at its mention. Hurricanes arise due to natural imbalance of air pressures mainly in open areas. It’s basically a big twirl of air that moves about in a direction destroying everything that comes its way. As much as these hurricanes are a threat to the mankind, they may have some positive effects on the overall climate and atmosphere.

This seems out of the way but it is true. Read below to know more about the positive and negative effects of Hurricanes.

Positive and Negative Effects of Hurricanes

Positive Effects of Hurricanes:

The positive effects of hurricanes are mentioned as follows.

• These hurricanes could also be termed as the tropical cyclones. Apparently, these cyclones prove to be an important part of rains. They increase the availability of rainfall by 25% for the countries like Japan, India, and Southeast Asia.

• During a year, it is prominent that some of the lower latitude areas tend to see a hike in temperature and the higher latitudes get a fall in temperature. These cyclones are helpful in transferring the heat from the equator to the side of the poles.

• Because the heat is transferred by these tropical cyclones towards the equator, it becomes equally helpful and important. This is because if these cyclones were absent, the heat and temperature could reach a level which could be too high to survive. Same implies for the colder regions which would get too cold. These hurricanes are responsible for maintaining a positive balance between the heat at the poles and the tropics.

• Hurricanes could actually be good for the barrier islands which are mainly fragile islands that anyone could assume to get destroyed in such conditions. However, hurricanes are an important part if they are to withstand even in the rising sea levels. Hurricanes usually erode the beaches which are on the side of the oceans but they make up the other side by depositing new sediments due to winds. This leads to the barrier islands being alive and not succumbing to the rising sea levels.

• Hurricanes are important in keeping a better balance between the earth’s temperature at all places. They usually stir up the ocean and give rise to a process which is widely known as the upwelling. This process is an important part of the thermohaline circulation which can be seen as one more important mechanism that is responsible for transferring heat from the tropics to the poles and thus maintaining a sustainable temperature at both locations.

• Hurricanes could actually be good for the marine life too. Since they stir the ocean, the minerals on the bottom are mixed up thus enhancing the ocean’s productivity.

Negative Effects of Hurricanes:

The negative effects of Hurricanes are mentioned as follows:

• One of the dreadful negative effects of the hurricanes are known as the storm surge. This happens when the hurricane reaches the coast. At this time, the sea level rises slowly which can cause deaths due to drowning or flooding the coastal areas. This low pressure of the storm and the strong winds cause suction that is responsible for this storm surge.

• It is possible that some hurricanes lead to the formation of multiple tornadoes. However, some may not. It is known that half of the hurricanes that approach a coastal area is expected to form a tornado. It usually happens if the land area where the hurricane has reached is still experiencing a low-pressure condition.

• Hurricanes can become a reason for heavy rainfall, usually estimated between 6 to 12 inches which is an appropriate amount to give rise to a serious flood condition. As seen mostly, deaths occurred in a hurricane attack usually occurs as a result of flooding were people get drowned or their life being highly disrupted by the floods. Hurricanes could also give rise to thunderstorms when It reaches the land.

• A hurricane moves with an enormous speed. The high winds could easily destroy a building. In such cases, the winds usually carry big chunks of material with it. It is possible that something could fall from the sky over a person and seriously hurting them or even causing death. They are not only falling on you, they are actually being thrown at you by the wind.

• Hurricanes can also give rise to rip tides which are very strong sea currents. Rip tides are usually an indication of a hurricane approaching.

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