Positives and Negatives of Hormone Treatment

We would have listened a lot about hormone treatment. Hormone treatment may be for many reasons like, menopause treatment, gender transition, andropause, andropause: which means decline of testosterones in men which usually takes place after middle age. Women usually undergo hysterectomy which means removal of uterus to stop mensural cycle.

Hormone treatment includes, therapy using different hormones. But medical field has grown to very large extent, hormone treatment is also used for treatment of cancers like breast cancer, this can be done only in an advanced level of treatment. So this hormone treatment can be used in treatment of various problems which can be associated with hormones.

Positives of Hormone Treatment:

To avoid painful symptoms of menopause
Women will be facing many problems during their menopause age. So hormone treatment really helps in reducing this stress caused by pain, by taking some pills orally or it may be by treatment.

Productive life or free from menstrual life
It also reduces the dryness of vagina and leads to quality life. Usually when women reach to middle age i.e. 40-55, it is a menopause time and this is the time when the production of estrogen in body reduces and due to which women face many problems like irritation due to dryness and sleepless nights, many mood swings, sweating, so hormone treatment is a biological therapy which prescribes an alternative for this problem. It either suggest to take treatment or pills to produce more estrogen, in case they want productive life and children or, suggests complete stoppage of estrogen production in their body. It is actually providing opportunities for women to have both productive life as well as free from menstrual life.

Assures Long term health
We know that many women have hygiene issues, endometrial cancer etc. It eliminates the symptoms of the menopause and hence keeps the individual away from all these diseases. It provides long term health.
These days, we are surrounded by many new diseases and new hormonal changes occur in our body; due to disturbance in our routine cycle as well as many environmental changes, and especially women fall in a dilemma of what to believe and what not to, experts say that women at certain age usually become prone to menopause symptoms or osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a common bone disease, which is due to loss of calcium and not having enough calcium in the body. In this scenario, hormone treatment serves a helping hand to these women.

Transgender hormone therapy
Hormone treatment is also common in transgender adults, who want to undergo transition. They have positive effects physically and mentally after treatment. Actually transgender feel uncomfortable having characters between both genders, so this therapy really helps them to come out that uncomforted zone in their physical appearance as well as mentally.

Negatives of Hormone Treatment:

Increased side effects due to hormone treatment
Treatment may be for shorter time, but if it is having side effects, risks will be for longer time. Which is more alerting thing. According to the survey of few Hormone therapy patients, they were some increased effects of health conditions like; blood clotting and also breast cancers.

Longer tenure of hormone treatment causes physical effects
The pills which are used for the treatment may even create some physical side effects like increase in physical appearance. If the treatment goes on for longer time, then it may lead to breast cancer. Women after long treatment may have increased breasts and even more increase of treatment causes breast cancer. It is most commonly seen effect in women, who don’t take an opinion from appropriate doctors and hence, become prone to side effects.

Prone to blood clotting in lungs
It is more risky for the women who had an early menopause and don’t take hormone therapy until age 45-50. They may become prone to heart diseases, depression and even may cause death.
Hormone treatment depends on menopause time as well, so it is always suggested that one should approach doctor and talk about personal life.

Treatment is limited
The treatment is actually limited to some women, like who have had personal problems like heart stroke, breast cancer are not advisable to take this treatment. As chances are more to again have the stroke and cancer. Sadly women who want to get rid of menstrual life, but had strokes or breast cancer in past, cannot undergo this hormone treatment.

But always there will be an alternative for every problem and hence, doctors have been always suggesting patients that, If symptoms of menopause is so much that you want to have hormone treatment, then you can use alternative methods like anti-depressants, which helps in reducing hot flashes and induces sleep.

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