Negative effects of green tea

Green tea had been widely hyped as a miracle tea; it is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. The process unlike with black tea and oolong as well as other variants consists of steaming and pan frying the leaves and then drying them out, thus leading to the enhanced flavor. On the outset, drinking green tea does have residual effects on your mental health as it improves concentration, and helps you to focus better.

Negative effects of green tea

People drink green tea to help combat several health conditions from inflammatory bowel disease to Crohn’s disease and it is supposed to help you shed those extra calories as well. Yes, green tea is beneficial for your health in the long term provided you drink normal amounts of the same, over extended periods of time. But it also comes with its own side effects as well which is why you may want to take a closer look at some of the associated side effects before opting to drink green tea.

Green tea is not fermented, rather the process involves in you sifting dried tea leaves, and steaming the same with hot water. It is loaded with antioxidants which can act beneficially on the human body. However, green tea comes with intense side effects, which not many people know about; for example, chewing or ingesting green tea leaves can cause you to experience mild to severe headaches. The same happens when you drink copious amounts of the same,  it can cause you to experience dizzy spells followed by body tremors. It can even cause you to experience diarrhea, as well as develop heartburn, irregular heartbeat and much more. Most, if not all these side effects occur as a result of excessive caffeine dosage which is why you need to be careful when drinking green tea. If you continue drinking or ingesting excessive amounts of green tea despite these symptoms, it is likely to lead to convulsions and stroke/ heart attack.

This is why it is essential that you drink green tea in the right amount and try not to binge on the same as it can lead to serious health consequences for you, down the road. Green tea also reduces the absorption of iron from your body; the fatal dose of caffeine in green tea is as little as 14 grams, so make sure that you consume only the right amount of green tea, no more, no less. Toxicity can also occur from small amounts as it depends more on the individual and whether they have a built insensitivity to green tea. This is why it is not advisable to give green tea to young children; they can start drinking the same when they are in their late teens and not before that.

These are some of the associated side effects of green tea, and it should be pointed out that green tea is indeed beneficial for your health as long as you do not overdo the same and binge on it

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