Positive and Negative effects of fasting

Fasting is something that all of us had indulged in, to an extent or another, for one reason or the other. But it should be pointed out that deliberately fasting, by choice or not, can have a detrimental effect on your body. The human body requires a certain amount of Nourishment on a daily basis along with requisite rest to enable it to function smoothly. And when you decide to starve yourself, whether, on a quest to lose those extra pounds you had gained over the holidays or whether it is for a religious reason, it is important that you realize the impact sudden fasting can have on your body.

Positive and Negative effects of fasting

Negative effects of fasting:

The human body, as mentioned earlier, needs daily nourishment in one form or another which is why when you decide to fast, you may end up causing your health to suffer. Some of the side effects that a sudden course of fasting can have on your body often range from headaches to body pain. But it can also cause your body to initiate a process of self-digestion where the cells of your body, especially in the inner lining of your stomach to be reabsorbed into your body. Eventually, this may even cause you to develop ulcers;  it will cause your muscle mass to reduce drastically – this is why people who suffer from famine often appear as stick figures since their muscle mass had long been absorbed as nourishment by their own body. If that is not enough, there’s the additional perk of fasting, you soon develop malnutrition where in your immune system will be affected and you will be at risk of developing serious health conditions.

But one of the immediate side effects of fasting often starts with the feeling of being bloated, and soon, you will develop diarrhea as well. And of course, fasting for long periods is not recommended but should you indulge in the same, then chances are that you will find that you are no longer able to carry out the simplest of tasks. Apart from this, you will find that your cognitive functioning is no longer as good as it was once before, and soon, you will find it hard to even process the simplest of tasks. You may even develop several skin conditions, including lesions as your immune system takes a hit and it would only be a matter of time before your health goes for a toss.

Your immune system is often the very first one to get impacted as a result of long-term fasting; it would not function that effectively as before as your body goes into an overdrive to conserve whatever little energy is left in your body. As a result, your immune system may no longer be that efficient when it comes to protecting your body. While the immediate impact of a compromised immune system may not be apparent right away, you will find that it takes your body longer to overcome health conditions like cold or flu. It is taking your body longer to stave off a simple infection and that’s mainly on account of the fact that your body is in the process of shutting down and concentrating on bare essentials to conserve energy.

Positive effects of fasting:

But on the other hand, fasting does come packed with some positive effects;  a short-term fasting can have a beneficial effect on your health, it can cause you to lose some of those extra pounds around the hips. More to the point, it can help your body flush out various toxins out of your body which is why fasting is an essential part of any rehab treatment as it is used to reset your body and to return it back to a state of ‘normal’.  Apart from this, during the initial periods of fasting, your body produces an excess of growth hormone which can enable your body to repair and heal itself. That said, these positive benefits are viable only when the fasting lasts for a short period and is not prolonged.

This is why it is important that you consider the long-term impacts of fasting on your health and that you consult your doctor before you opt to do so. It is a good idea to consult your doctor so that he can check out your health and provide you with the help and assistance you need. In all probability, your doctor would be able to dissuade you from fasting but if you are still determined to fast, then it is vital that you do so after you have all the facts and make sure that your doctor monitors your health.


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