Negative effects of fast food

Fast food is fast gaining a repute of being low on nutrition while being packed to the gills with Trans fats. While some of the negative messaging that’s being spread around are based more on rumors, the fact remains that fast food is bad for your health and here’s to taking a closer look at the same.

Negative effects of fast food

While not all the fast foods can be termed as junk food, the reality is that most of them fall under this category; they are usually loaded with calories, sugar, salt, and fats – all of which can have a detrimental effect on your health especially if you tend to consume fast food regularly. In fact, one of the main reasons for the recent spurt in Diabetes 2 being reported from all over the world, has more to do with fast food than anything else. While the food in question provides extremely little by way of nutritional value, it also comes packed with all these salts, sugars and fats. And an excess of the same can even impact your cognitive abilities, limiting your ability to function as you could before.

Eating calorie loaded food, which is often the case with fast food, can actually impair the functioning of your brain. Your brain releases a peptide called BDNF which is essential for learning and memory. An excess of calories can lead to this peptide being suppressed which is why people who binge eat on fast food tend to think less on their feet than those who opt for natural, organic and healthy food.  The other scary effect of eating too much junk food is the fact that it impacts your insulin directly. As you gorge on sweets and other fast food products loaded on sugar, it causes your body to go into an insulin overdrive, which causes your body organs to develop resistance to the same so that the insulin no longer has the same impact on the functioning of your body. This sets the stage for Diabetes but what not many know is that as a result of developing resistance to Insulin, you also run the risk of dementia.

Your brain requires a decent amount of insulin to function normally; but with overproduction of the same as a result of all that fast food, your brain soon becomes non responsive to the same and eventually stops responding to it altogether. This will impact your cognitive functioning and even cause your brain to develop plaques resulting in dementia. This is why it is important that you pay attention to what you eat; the next time you head over to a department store you may want to check the tag in the back for a list of ingredients. A careful review of the same should let you know whether the food in question is healthy enough or not. And above all, try to avoid fast food as much as possible; your body is your temple, this is why you need to take good care of the same.

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