Positive and negative effects of e-government

Technology has already taken its important place in an individual’s life and has been showing its beneficial contribution in the upliftment of the standards of living in a particular society. In short, we can state that we have entered a digital world where we are surrounded with the advancement of electronic media in our lives.  From our daily life activities to our professional work, we are totally indulged in adding ease and comfort in our lives with technology. The best part of being a part of technology driven society is that it adds the smartness quotient in our lives. Yes, technology makes our moves smarter as compared to the traditional ways of carrying out the activities.

Positive and negative effects of e-government

To make it more clear and vivid, we have ample of live examples that shows how intensively we are a part of digitization. Going ahead with technology, our society has been raising its living standards and is in a process of changing the outlook of people and the different associated process .One such example of switching to digital era is the introduction of  E – Government. As the name suggests, it represents the electronic conversion of different official procedures of a running government.

Like a two side coin, the introduction of e- government has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will be throwing some light on many of the positive as well as negative impacts of e- government in the society.

To start with the domains of positive impacts, we can highlight the enhanced efficiency of the current system with the switching of the processes in electronic media. The efficiency could be justified with the cost effectiveness of the processes, transparencies of the operations and the high quantity of saving of the time of the government.

Positive effects of e-government:

Earlier, the traditional ways of working in a government were surrounded with the lots of piles of papers for every operation. It requires the involvement of heavy manpower that makes the process complicated and costly. On the brighter side, if e- government is introduced, the paper work would be replaced with the electronic interference. It makes it possible to cut down the need of heavy employment and hence reducing the cost behind the operations. Moreover, electronic advances allow the process to be completed faster as compared to the traditional ways of working. Henceforth, it allows a great reduction between the huge time gaps for completing the task.

The other added asset of having e- government is the easy accessibility of the government to all.  We all are well equipped with the extensions of electronic media in our hands. Be it the mobile or the laptop, we are always at an easy reach of electronic media. This easy accessibility makes it comfortable for a common man to get in touch with the e- government. It is yet another important perspective that outweighs the benefits of having e-government in our society.

The easy connectivity between the government and the common man will definitely be an added advantage that can serve the purpose of having a transparency of various processes of the government. It will also end up in reflecting the various associated and upcoming policies of the government to be in front of the people through the open medium.

Negative effects of e-government:

As mentioned above, the presence of e- government has its own positive as well as negative influences on the society. We have already discussed the added advantages of e- government. Let’s have a look on the opposite side of the coin also. If we talk about the negative effects associated with the introduction of e- government, we have a list of various considerations. The eye opening aspect is that with the e–government, there are chances of having inequality among the public. It can be justified with the fact that the reach to internet is though high in starts but what about those, who are not in touch with internet. A government is meant to be for all. Before implementing all the processes on electronic media, government should be sure about offering the open access to all.

The second constraint of having e- government is that it requires a heavy amount of financial contribution to convert the government processes into electronic medium.  Moreover, no one is sure about the flawless accessibility to the various sites on the internet.  Hence, all these important steps should be kept in mind before going ahead with the decision of e- government.

As a conclusion, the above discussion could be summed up by acknowledging the potentials as well as restraints of having e- government .

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