Positive and negative effects of E-Cigarette

Positive and Negative effects of E-Cigarette

Positive and Negative effects of E-Cigarette

Cigarette Smoking is an addiction that can cause serious health hazards to people. The list of dangers associated with constant smoking of cigarette is high and it is required to minimize the use of cigarette smoking at the urgent.  There are many possible ways that are defined by a couple of researches that depicts the most effective ways to quit smoking. The concept of E-Cigarette in the market is new and it holds many answers with its potential use. To know about the uses and harmful effects of e-cigarette, it is necessary to first get a detailed insight of what E–cigarette is all about.

E-cigarettes as the name suggests is an electronic cigarette that virtualizes the impact of tobacco smoking. There is a liquid substance inside the e- cigarette that helps to inhale the product similar to tobacco.

This inhalation of product will help to sooth the craving of nicotine. Since the introduction of E- cigarette in the market, there are many assumptions that support as well as reject the benefits of use of E-cigarette. To know about it, in detail let’s have a quick tour of positive and negative benefits of E –cigarettes.

Positive Effects of e-cigarettes:

Less Harmful than regular cigarettes

These cigarettes are considered to be less lethal as compared to regular cigarettes. A regular burning cigarette allows the individual to inhale maximum number of toxic gases and ashes that are produced by the burning of the cigarette. In case of E-cigarette, the inhalation of toxic substances is minimized to a greater extent and it helps in dealing with the exposure of harmful exposure. It is considered to be one of the finest ways to kick down the habit of regular smoking by the practice of inhalation of e-cigarette.

Positive impact upon addiction and health

Another added positive benefit of e-cigarette is that it allows the individual to have a positive impact on his health and overall status. They are considered to be a beneficial replacement therapy to those individuals who finds it difficult to quit smoking.

Higher potential of quitting cigarette

With the habit of engaging to use e-cigarette, the probability of skipping and quitting the normal cigarette is certainly high. In short, we can state that for a chain smoker, it could act as a rehabilitative component that can help in reducing the smoking tendency of a chain smoker.

This all are possible benefits that have been notified. However, there are certain negative effects of e- cigarette too. These need to be considered and rectified with best possible outcomes.

Negative effects of E-Cigarette:

Harmful ingredients

It has been noticed that many of the e- cigarette composition is of harmful ingredients. This can make it dangerous to inhale the e-cigarette as it can produce harmful consequences.

Short term effects on Lungs

Another negative impact that has been documented is that the regular use of e-cigarette could create harmful impact on the lungs and respiratory system. In short, it can lead to accumulation of various particles of smoke during inhalation of e-cigarette. These could be possible for creating health impact on the individual.

Unregulated E-cigarettes

The quality of e-cigarette is always under a big question. There is no FDA approval on the production of E-cigarettes making it difficult to understand the quality of the e-cigarettes. People who are taking these cigarettes are equally under danger as no one is assured about the quality and components of e-cigarette.

Thus, keeping in mind all the above discussed positive and negative effects of e- cigarette, it is quite difficult to understand about the benefits as well as harmful effects. The outweigh of using it is completely contradicted with the associated harmful effects of using e-cigarettes.

All these possible considerations should be kept in mind before going ahead with any decision. On the top of it, one should be firm enough to know and deal with any emergency that might occur because of the use of E-Cigarettes.

Technology is a driven force and it should always be used wisely and precisely to optimize the maximum use of it. There is a very sleek line between the benefits and harmful effects .One should go for awise consultation before taking any decision.

We wish you a happy and fit life!

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