Positive and negative effects of Divorce

Positives and negatives of Divorce

Positives and Negatives of Divorce

Elders say that marriage bring happiness in to individual’s life and everyone has his/her soulmate in life. Marriage is happy starting but everything will not end perfectly, they may turn in to sad memories and end up separating. This is when divorce comes as a way.

There may be mental, physical, emotional, financial aspects that bothers a person in relation, which may bring a change in his/her thinking and a tendency to be free from the relationship and further expects a stable life. They may have different perspectives and are unable to convince with each other on that. It may include lifestyle, financial matters, emotional debts etc.

Positive effects of Divorce:

Divorce is the way

This liberal policy “divorce” bought a change in many individuals. Everywhere in this world you have happy marriages and unhappy marriages as well, but what if your relation is an unhappy one and you want to get out of this. Divorce is the one way.

Stable life after divorce

Sometimes the goals and dreams of the individuals in relation may bring some distance between them and they may not compromise with this distance and hence leads to unstable relationship both for women and men. This divorce policy helps these individuals to get out this mental stress and helps them to move on with the life.

Opportunity to grow

Divorce provides opportunity to grow. Opportunity to live stable and comfortable life rather than in uncomfortable life. Women who want to follow their career and accomplish something in life, divorce really works. It enhances individual’s character and respects their desires.

Negative effects of Divorce:

Trend to break relationships in the name of Divorce

In this virtual reality world and modern world. Divorce has now turned in to a trend. Getting into relationship fastly, without understanding each other properly and then finding it difficult to maintain the relation and getting separated has become the everyday fashion. When in it comes to short relationships, there are many who to have short romantic relationships and again escape from it in the name of divorce. And divorce became a way where they can easily get in and out of a relation ‘legally’.

Inconsistency among children of divorced parents

Studies say that children of the divorced parents, they turn out to see the world in different perspective which isolates them from the thinking of other children of their age. It may create inconsistency among them and, proper care will not be given to them from both the parents.

When it comes to the question ‘who should keep the child?’ it be the hard situation. Sometimes both parents who really love their child wants him/her, and again new criteria should be drawn to whom the child  should be handed over to and if both the parents divorced, to look into their careers and don’t want to handle the child, then it really becomes a worst platform for the child.

Women may become financially weak if they are homemakers

Not all the women work, there may be even homemaker and now if the couple get divorced, she has lesser opportunity to get employed and is financially weak. This is again another form of mental stress. In spite of getting freed from one mental stress, she has to grow through another.

Sometimes only one individual is ready to leave the relation not the other so it may really end them sad and depressed his/her entire life.

Society’s point of view may affect individual’s character

Divorce may help to move on with the life and individuals who got divorced may be happy about this, but in society they are constantly judged for this. And they may be even disrespected in the group

It is entirely on people to be in a relation or to continue relation, and people should not judge regarding it when they are on society basis. Until it really serves a useful purpose to the individuals it is better, but when they are taking it as a liberal thing and if they are misusing this policy for enjoying short relationships in life. Then, this is not at all fair. And also there are somethings in our life where it should not end up divorcing, we can sit and sort out the things very pleasantly, but people ignore this and end up separating.

If you deserve the best, go for it, but think twice about this, how many more things you are miserably losing in your life doing this.

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