Positives and Negatives of deforestation

Positives and Negatives of deforestation

Positives and Negatives of deforestation

Our earth the so called “HOME” for trillions of species existing has now turned to a place where animals have to struggle to death to find a place, is may include many reasons one of them is DEFORESTATION because about 8% of species which dwell on land merely depend on forests .so, where would they all disappear if we go on losing our forests.
Deforestation is using and clearing the forest land for human use and also includes loss of forest lands by natural calamities.
But what may be the reason for this?
It includes natural calamities:
1. Forest fires: unfortunately because of which we may lose the entire forest by a single lit;
2. Landscapes;
3. Drastic change in climatic conditions of the place like gradual increase in temperature.
But we should focus on what we can control i.e. Human activities rather thinking about natural actions .Human activities which lead to deforestation includes
1. Clearing and chopping away the trees for wood, resources of daily uses.
2. Grazing of cattle herd: where the land is used again and again for grazing the cattle and hence losses its fertility,
3.Farming is also is a potential threat to deforestation you may wonder how but true, because converting a forest land which is very fertile and healthy to an agricultural field, is not all a good idea.
4. Even forest lands are decreasing because of increasing human population which further leads to increase in need for land to live like buildings.
We have seen all these causes but what impact they will actually have on earth? It removes almost half of the forest land, we have lost count on loss of tress per year but studies have revealed it may be relatively equal to 4-7 billion trees per year.

Positives of deforestation:

1. Forestland to farmland
It boosts the food production for the society and also increases income for the farmers. It also increases the total economy of the country.
2. life to many people
If we look in to the employment sector of forest department which involves cutting the trees for timber, logs. It is huge sector. This provides employment and life to many woodcutters and transport sector people.
3. In Need of resources
Increasing population of earth and updating technology leads to increased needs for many things like land to live. So at some point of time there is a need for clearing a part of forest. We’ve also daily necessities like furniture for homes and commodities like honey, food .Only forests could provide us with all these things. There is a need for deforestation at minimal levels.
4. Urbanization
we have globalized, civilized , industrialized and urbanized .Surveys have been made on deforestation and it revealed that deforestation of forests to convert the land to human use like farming, grazing, has promoted economically for the benefit of the people.

Negatives of deforestation:

1. Carbon sinks
Forests actually are responsible for the oxygen, carbon-dioxide cycle. Losing forests gradually effects this cycle and results in decrease in sinks for carbon-dioxide and also poor supply of oxygen.
2. Habitat disturbance
We know it’s a home for many species and deforestation of forests merely for human greed and uses results in the disturbance of their homes and habitat.
3. Natural calamities
It not only acts as sinks for carbon-dioxide and harmful gases but also helps in stopping floods in land by absorbing excess water from underground. But deforestation may completely loose this useful feature. It may even result in counter formula like droughts. Droughts are developed if they are removed from the environment.

Benefits may be many but the negative part is really dominating over the benefits.
We have seen that it provides many beneficial things and resources to humans but we are missing a small concept that they are short term comforts.
We can’t overuse and overrule anything in this world. They was a proverb called “OLD IS GOLD “it is so true. In olden days all medicines were taken and supplied from forests. forests really were an hub for many herbal medicines, and cured many deathly diseases. But if we don’t have them where will we go in search of herbal medicines.
We are simply and recklessly losing the available resources like forests and again go in search of finding them. Deforestation affects many lives, it even changes the lifestyle of humans.

Save the trees but don’t shave the tress.

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