Negative effects of Common Core

Many of the speculations have been already made about the influential effects of common core. To discuss it more briefly, here is a list of negative effects of common core in an individual’s life.

Major drawbacks are:

Federal Takeover of Education: Common core is more focused to bring and follow the national standards by every school. This effort has been proven to be a failed educational approach that has already undermine the educational quality and choices among the young brains. It has been noticed that curriculum designed by states as well as the local communities is more result- oriented and helpful for the students. But with common core, the profitability of education comes under a big question. Under the common core, the authority of education goes directly to the federal government where as states and local communities know their students and their study pattern in a more understanding way

Challenge for parents and teachers: As far as the role of parents in giving opinion to their child’s study is concerned with common core, it becomes almost dull. There is a very low or no chance of a parent to comment upon the education that has been taught to the student under the name of common core. Similarly, the struggles for a teacher also became more in common core as the teacher won’t be able to put his ideas and help every student in a unique way. There will be a uniformity in the education standards that will directly impact the innovative component of every student, hence supporting the monotonous pattern of education.

Tough for students: As discussed above, students will lose their uniqueness and all of them have to get fit in the one – size fit policy of common core. The concept behind the policy is that every student has to learn the same thing. It might drastically impact the creativity of the students and their learning’s. It will decrease the chances of bringing creativity out of the students.

Privacy is at stake: Yes, you heard it right. Through common core policy, the data mining of every student would be noticed and to surprise this will directly impact the overall privacy of the students, like his religious practices, political beliefs and many more.

Failed attempt of Government: This approach of education offered to students is a failed attempt that has destroyed all the educational possibilities for a student to grow under its programme. Students has lost their identity.

Keeping all the facts in view, one thing we can conclude that common core has its own impact on the education system of the society. Much of the damage is already done. It is advisable to the concerned authorities to take necessary actions so that the educational standards should be maintained. It will further help the students to get a better opportunity to find new innovative educational insights. It is most important to discontinue common core to achieve better results of education and help the students to build a bright future.

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