Positive and negative effects of Chocolates

Chocolate! Just the name is enough to fill your mouth with generous amounts of saliva. Not just the kids, almost everyone nowadays is fond of chocolate. A large number of brands is available for all kinds of chocolates. The three most prominent types of chocolates are the: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate. All of these are equally rich in taste and nutrients. However, addiction of everything is bad, and so is for the chocolate, irrespective of its kind.

Here are some of the positive as well as the negative effects that these chocolates might have on our health.

Positive and negative effects of Chocolates

Positive Effects of Chocolates:

The positive effects of Chocolates have been mentioned as follows.
• Dark chocolate could actually be good for your heart. According to recent studies, the dark chocolate contains elements that prevent the white blood cells from sticking to the blood vessels inside walls, thus preventing clogging and providing better blood circulation.

• Chocolate consumption could lower your chances of getting a stroke.

• Dark chocolate contains some nutritional minerals like potassium, zinc and selenium. One bar of this chocolate could give you 67% of RDA of iron.

• Chocolate contains good amounts of cocoa which is responsible for bringing down the cholesterol levels which are termed as bad. This successfully decreases the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

• Dark chocolate is said to contain some flavonoids which are good for skin and protect it from damage from the sun.

• Chocolate could help you lose weight. Eating a small amount of chocolate lets you consume lesser amount of meal and signals your brain for being full. This could also reduce your snacking periods.

• Flavonoids contained in chocolate is known to bring down the stress levels in pregnant women.

• Dark Chocolate contains cocoa which improves the insulin sensitivity. The regular consumption of dark chocolate could actually prevent diabetes or slow it down.

• Chocolate induces good feelings. It is known to contain an element called phenylethylamine (PEA) that is the chemical a person’s brain secretes when they fall in love.

Negative Effects of Chocolates:

The negative effects of Chocolates have been mentioned as follows:

• Chocolates could lead to weight gain problems. Since one chocolate bar that weighs around 44 grams can be said to contain 235 calories. This accounts for about 13 grams of fat and 221 grams of sugar. The high number of calories cause the body to gain weight. Also, the high amount of sugar can cause a threat to heart diseases if consumed in excess. You shall be more likely to catch a stroke or a heart disease due to the consumption of such high level of sugar. Moreover, the sugar is added and has zero nutrition which is the most negative thing about it.

• Chocolate can be one of the biggest reasons for diabetes and tooth decays. A single bar of chocolate mostly contains high levels of sugar and refined carbohydrates. These carbs are responsible for an instant rise in the levels of blood sugar. This would make your body insulin resistant and can become a reason for diabetes. The high amounts of sugar also causes the tooth to decay along with cavities and impose a poor oral health for the one who is highly addicted to it.

• Chocolate contains elements that put your lower esophageal sphincter in a relaxation mode. This becomes a cause of Gastroesophageal reflux. This is basically a situation when the contents in your stomach travel back up towards the esophagus and causes heartburn which is uneasiness in the chest area. It is basically a burning sensation. For people who face this problem a lot are usually advised to stay away from chocolate.

• All kinds of chocolates are said to contain some generous amounts of Caffeine. Most people depend on chocolate to feel a little alive. This is because of the caffeine present in the chocolate that boosts up your nervous system instantly. But we are well known to the bad effects of caffeine. On consumption of excess chocolate or excess caffeine, you are likely to experience depression, anxiety, problems in sleeping, nausea, vomiting etc. Chocolate are loaded with caffeine which is zero in nutritional values. The excess of it only deteriorates your nervous conditions.

Though chocolate is a personal favorite of almost everybody nowadays, especially children, it becomes difficult to keep away from it. However, the key is not to get addicted to it. Consuming a small amount up to a level where it has only positive effects would be a wise choice to be safe and healthy. Keep away from excess consumption and thus keep away from the negative effects.

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