Positive and negative effects of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is one of the most recent discoveries that has kick started a new era in modern science and technology. Initially, looked upon as a theory good enough to stay in the books, nanotechnology has worked its way up the pecking order and is used to manipulate atoms and molecules individually. In its original sense, nanotechnology can be defined as the projected ability to construct items from bottom up, using such techniques and tools that are being developed to make high performance products.

Nanotechnology not only allows one to make high-quality products at a very low price but also at a very rapid speed segmenting individual atoms and molecules. This unique means of mass production of goods is the reason why nanotechnology is exponential technology. It represents a manufacturing system that has the potential to make another manufacturing system rapidly, cheaply and cleanly. This means that production will have the capacity to reproduce exponentially in just a few weeks. It is a revolutionary, powerful and transformative process. It can be beneficial and dangerous depending upon the way we use it. It can combine solid state physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, biochemistry and material science. However, like every aspect of technology it is bounded within certain ethical measures, and with humongous popularity, Nanotechnology remains to be a hornet’s nest due to its implementation and working procedure.

Advantages of Nanotechnology:

• Nanotechnology has the capability to revolutionize many electronic products, their procedures and their applications. The areas that benefit from this technology include nano transistors, nano diodes, OLED, plasma display, quantum computers and many more.

• Some nanoparticles serve as an effective way to remove contaminants from the environment. Scientists had a huge success in using nanoparticles to remove polychlorinated biphenyls or PCB, DDT and various dioxins from industrial sites, arsenic salts and so on.

• The energy sector can also be benefited by nanotechnology. The development of a more effective source of energy- producing, absorbing and storing into smaller and more efficient devices is made possible with nanotechnology. Items like batteries, fuel cells and solar cells can be built in a smaller yet more effective size with this technology.

• Scientists are working to create nanosensors that will be able to detect and monitor pollutants with high sensitivity. These sensors will be capable enough to detect even the smallest number of contaminants and the presence of dangerous bacteria. Industrial areas will be provided with sensors that can alert the surrounding community in case of a leak into the ground water.

• Sectors that will be benefited due to this technology are the ones that will need aero gels, nanotubes, nano particles and other similar items that they will require to produce their products with. These materials are stronger, more durable and lighter than those that are not produced using nanotechnology.

• Nanotechnology is considered a boon in the medical world, since smart drugs can be produced using this technology. It will help people cure faster and without any side effects. It is also used in areas like tissue regeneration, bone repair and even cures for ailments like cancer.

Disadvantages of Nanotechnology:

• Improvement in nanotechnology means possible loss of jobs in traditional farming and manufacturing industry.

• With the advancement of nanotechnology, atomic weapons will be more accessible and can be made more powerful and destructive.

• Silver nano particles used as anti-microbial agents may harm beneficial microbes in the environment. Materials that enter the bottom of the food chain have a habit of organisms that are higher in the food chain.

• There are certain nano particles, which when breathed in may cause damage to the lung tissue and chronic breathing troubles. On the other hand, some of these particles can move from the lungs to the bloodstream or from the bloodstream to the brain. Exposure to a large amount of nano particles can cause brain inflammation.

• Nanotechnology is very expensive at this moment and developing it may cost a fortune. It is difficult to manufacture, which is one of the reasons why products made with nanotechnology are so expensive.

• Owing to the size of the nano particles, it may enter our immune system and cause a lot of damage. Nano particles can also bond with our DNA, thus deforming its structure. Altering of body structure exposes the risk of gene mutation.

Nanotechnology is being predicted as the next technological revolution. Thus, the products manufactured from it will be affecting both our lifestyle and our economy. It has been predicted that a huge workforce will be required to develop this and people from all areas of science and engineering will be required in its development.


Positive and negative effects of Computer

Computers have been invented in time span around 1936 to 1938, and since then have remained as a great essentiality to the evolving human race. There has been a great development in the components of computer. And as of today, we have a wide range of computers from the big computers to laptops. As much is the wide range of availability so is the wide range of applications. and of course, like everything in this the computers have their own cons too.

Positive and negative effects of Computer

Positive effects of Computer:

We rely on internet and computer for education. Computers help us to store a vast amount of our knowledge and preserve it for reference. Right from projects at school level to Ph.D. scholars, today need computers not only for the information but also to make their ideas presentable with PowerPoint presentations, adobe Photoshop etc. A variety of subjects need computers for in-depth study.

Socializing and networking with people is one of human necessities. We can network and talk with people who are far away from us with help of social network sites, i.e. computers. It used to take days and months to get our messages across earlier, but today it is merely a matter of few minutes or maybe seconds, we have our emails across.

Designing and improvisation for the better is how our world runs. Right from engineers , architects , film makers to fashion designers, jewelers , computers plays an important role in their jobs to design. And it is way better than manually doing it on paper since we also have help of various tools, predefined usual requirements which may be used to simplify the task and be more precise. Another advantage is the comfort of corrections if required .

If we look around today most businesses have admonished in the online market. We ourselves depend on different e-commerce sites to sell or buy things, which has made our life really comfortable and provides us with the perk of comparing and viewing many things without the need of actually moving.

Computerized artillery and navigation, weapons and lot of confidential software’s and information etc is maintained by big data computers. Defense research is a whole lot dependent on computer and advanced technology again for the secretive and security purposes.

Negative effects of Computer:

As we see today we have become so dependent on computers today that we have our fingers already asking the question in our computers or doing the calculations, so much that we are losing our natural ability to think. We are losing our essence of exploration rather just refraining the meaning to just the typing sense. Children and adults have become addicted to computers, making it impossible to survive without it.

We are losing our natural essence of writing since we have computers at our fingertips restraining us from trying to do it uniquely rather it is plagiarized from existing content. in fact we are practically applying the meaning of “cut-copy-paste” in our assignments. But what we forget that to be able to create something new is what makes us better than computers and we must not lose it.

It is most unfortunate that the advancement of technology has created social barriers in real life for us. As per observations and studies it has been noted that people who are too much into computers become irritable in presence of other people. strain is observed in their relations.

Apart from the existing crimes many new kinds have come into picture since the advent of the digitized world with the development of computer. There have been circumstances where personal information is reached or account has been hacked, illegal money transfer, illicit pornography and social harassment, shaming on social networking sites.

Computers also harm the environment in a way as they produce a large amount of plastic waste once they are at disuse. The very production of them causes air, sound, water and heat pollution. The indispensable electronic waste is accumulating year by year on earth.

Continuous use of computers offer various health disorders, especially poses a great threat to the vision. As a result of the excessive usage we see a lot of children using spectacles at an early age itself. There is evident muscular pains in arms and back due observed to continuously sitting unmoving in the same position for hours together. The ironical part is computers have a vital role in medical field both as a cause and cure.

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Positive and negative effects of cars

One of the most important and valuable inventions till date is the invention of the car. Almost every middle class or lower middle-class family owns a car. In earlier times, a car was considered as a symbol of luxury. But nowadays, a car has become more of a necessity than merely a luxury. A car is basically an automobile that can hold up to 5 persons while traveling. No one is naive to the various types and models of cars available today. Numerous companies have a number of models in these cars that have different capacities and features of their own.

If the importance of a car is considered, everyone would agree that it’s importance cannot be denied in any way. Cars come in handy for easy transportation. It can carry more number of people at a time than a two-wheeler. Also, irrespective of weather conditions, car can be driven and taken anywhere you want. Cars have really become an important part of everyone’s life. Being one of the most important transportation source, it is difficult to imagine a life without one.

Cars do have so many positive impacts on our lives. But let’s not forget the various negative aspects that these automobiles generate. If not used under control, cars can have drastic effects on our atmosphere as well as our lives.

The various positive and negative effects of cars are given as follows.

positive and negative effects of cars

Positive effects of Cars:

The positive effects of cars have been mentioned as follows:

  • Comfortable transportation:

It has been long known that cars are the most comfortable means of transportation. The seats inside a car are very comfy to sit on and is perfect for long travel hours. About 5-6 people can comfortably sit in a car. Cars can have really high speed that cut the time taken to reach the destination. While sitting comfortably in the car, enjoying the music and the AC, it is a very comfortable transport without a doubt.

  • Easy transportation:

Apart from being comfortable, cars are easy to drive and use. They can carry more than 4 passengers at a time easily. Other than people, they can also be used to transport local goods in small quantities. In the earlier times, this was a bit difficult with all the horse carriages that took a lot of time to reach their destination. Cars in that sense have helped a lot in making the process faster and easier.

  • Numerous Models:

As discussed earlier, cars are available in a huge number of different types of models and designs. Ranging from everyday use cars to sports cars, the ideas and the models have only been on the increasing side. A large number of people are fond of different models and brands. People who love speed get to satisfy their needs from all the huge number of models and brands available.

Negative effects of Cars:

The negative effects of cars have been mentioned as follows:

  • Increasing Road Traffic:

Unlike the earlier times, when only the rich owned a car, now almost every well to do family has one. This may be because of the ease of loan availability and dropped prices of some models. Almost everyone has a car now and this has been seen as having a very bad impact on the road traffic. The traffic is getting worse by each day and is directly affecting general lives of the people by eating most of their valuable time and energy.

  • Excess Air Pollution:

This ever-increasing number of cars have been contributing to the air pollution since the day it was invented. The harmful gases and pollutants are emitted by the car’s engine as a result of combustion of fuels. These gases along with the carbon dioxide heat up the environment and atmosphere, giving rise to the greenhouse effects and depletion of the ozone layer. People get infected with respiratory diseases as e result of this air pollution.

  • Road Accidents:

Out of the many available vehicles, cars have been found to go under the maximum cases of road accidents. This is as a result of over-speeding on the highways and reckless driving. People need to understand that safety comes first before the love for speed. People generally neglect all the traffic rules and easily become a victim of drastic accidents.

Cars are undoubtedly very important in today’s date. But despite its importance, people need to understand that minimizing the negative effects of it is in their own hands. Follow the traffic rules wisely and try to make the minimum use of your car. And that should do the trick. Stay Safe.


Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Various advances in technology has led to the introduction of mobile phones in our life. And somehow, it has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone today can be seen possessing a mobile phone. The new era has made smartphones very popular. Earlier, the basic mobile phones were just meant for communication by voice or simple text (SMS). However, the smartphones have much more to offer. A basic mobile phone nowadays has internet facilities, various applications and other very useful features that has made life easier.

No wonder the usage of mobile phones Is trending and growing day by day. Everyone is so much into their mobile phone that they can’t seem to get over it. Increased addiction to these mobile phones has given rise to many negative problems among teenagers, adults and overall on the society.

The positive and negative effects of the mobile phones have been discussed below.

Positive and negative effects of mobile phones

Positive effects of mobile phones

  • Ease of communication: The very primary purpose of a mobile phone is that it provides a very easy alternative for communication. People sitting at distances far away can get in touch in just a second with the help of mobile phones at any given time. Landline telephones were surely good for this purpose. But their wired configuration made them less flexible to use. In that case, mobile phones have come across a long way in providing communication ease to people.
  • Source of entertainment: Everyone needs something entertaining once in a while to get away from their boring hectic work life. Mobile phones work as a great source of entertainment in that sense. Mobile phones today have internet facilities. You can watch TV online on your phone. You can download fun games and play some for entertainment. At cheaper rates, you can talk to your friends over the internet. Smartphones today have a lot to offer.
  • Helping device in Studies/Business: As for the business industry, the mobile phones do provide a greater ease of management of the same. Many companies have their own marketing apps on Android which makes the management and look over of the business on the go very easy. As far as the studies are concerned, the internet facilities in a mobile phone are easy to reach and access. Plus, there are many study oriented apps too that help in better understanding of the topics.
  • Life saver in emergencies: Emergency cases can be many. Your car might have crashed on the highway. You are far away from home and it is raining. You need someone to pick you up. If you are having a mobile phone, you can easily get in touch with anyone. It might work as a life saver in case of emergencies. Instead of searching for a nearby STD/PCO, you can directly dial a number with a mobile phone, thanks to its portability.

Negative effects of mobile phones

  • Addictive: The mobile phones today have become a necessity, sure. But kids and teenager today become extensively addictive to these mobile phones. They tend to spend a huge chunk of their day on the mobile phones playing games, chatting and doing other things. These addictive habits lead to downfall in studies and performance which is one of the cons of the mobile phones today.
  • Health issues: Due to addictiveness of mobile phones, they lead to various health concerns among teenagers and adults. Long hours of exposures to the mobile phone screen lead to eye sight weakening. The glare from the screen of a mobile phone is harmful to the eyes. The continuous use of mobile phones for longer hours to talk on the call also cause other health problems such as headache. The radiations emitted by a mobile phone is not good for the mental health of a person. A very negative effect of mobile phone is this serious health concern.
  • Threat to safety: Since these mobile phones have become so necessary and of course, addictive, people cannot seem to take a break from using them. Even while driving a car, some people tend to talk on the phone. This becomes a major cause of road accidents nowadays. Many laws have also been established that ban the use of a mobile phone while driving. This possesses a threat to safety of people which must be taken seriously.

When the usage of these mobile phones is kept under control, they can be a blessing to the mankind in the present time. However, extensive use of them can lead to serious problems which are not at all safe for anyone.

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Positive and Negative effects of technology

The great advancements in technology have changed the world radically. The proliferation of technologies that eliminate the boundaries of time and space have been extremely useful to us. From the way we eat to our definitions of luxury, everything has changed over the past decades. Computers, tablets, smart phones, airplanes, televisions, missiles, rockets, machines, toasters, air conditioners etc have made our lives easier and have shrunk the world into a small sphere. But this marvelous scientific stream – technology – has its own negative points as well. Let’s explore them here.

Positive and Negative effects of technology

Positive effects of technology

Technology has made transportation much easier. We can now cover hundreds of kilometers in a single day in the comfort of our temperature regulated cars, airplanes or trains. Trains can help us navigate hills and mountains and airplanes make it possible to cross the 7 seas in a matter of days. One can now view traveling as luxury.

Invention of computers and tablets has made business very easy. One can sell and buy items in a few clicks, post advertisements for jobs and recruit people from all over the world and communicate with business associates from miles away. Face time applications like Skype have made attending conferences easier. Data storage was never easier, thanks to the invention of hard disks and USBs.

Trade has improved tremendously due to technology. Globalization has a whole new meaning and the factors of time and space no more hinder the growth of cross border trading. Electronic fund transfer methods and e-wallets have made the transaction of money easier.

Assessment of remote areas through satellites and exploring the space are no more out of reach.

Technology has made it possible to harness solar and wind energies, reducing the use of polluting non – renewable fossil fuels. This has gone a long way in helping us preserve Mother Nature. Research towards bio fuel and efficient combustion has also helped us curb pollution, which in turn has improved life expectancy.

Internet, a marvel of technology, has made it possible for people to look up information regarding any topic in a few minutes. One can work, learn, communicate and get paid on the internet. One can revive their long lost friendships; reunite with long forgotten relatives on the internet. Literacy rates have been rising due to distant learning courses available on the net. Web Seminars, educational games, globalization and internet research have improved standards of modern day education. Defense systems and medical surgeries have reached new heights.

Negative effects of technology

Although technology has its merits, it is damaging to several areas of life. Addiction to gadgets is giving rise to new psychic problems. Anxiety disorders, eyesight issues and heart problems are on the rise ever since these screens emitting harmful radiations have come into existence. Migraines, arthritis, blurred vision, spine dislocations etc are connected to long stretches of time spent in front of computers. Mobile phones and laptops are a huge distraction to the student community as well as to office goers. Heavy usage of social networking is creating communication gaps. Generation gaps, divorces and rifts are on a rise ever since technology took over.

The streaming of unfit content full of violence and inappropriate activities are available freely to public eyes, causing irreparable damage to the thinking of young minds. Thought processes of small children are very influential, and such content is not suitable for them.

People are becoming lazier and creativity amongst youngsters is dying. Present day games are killing it. Another major issue is security of data. Data breaches due to hacking and phishing is a very common occurrence. We are at the mercy of gadgets to protect our oh-so-precious data. One single tech catastrophe and we’re gone.

Though Agriculture has gained a lot from technology, it has also learnt the use of chemicals. Pesticides and insecticides are harmful for the health of consumers; however this fact is being neglected by farmers.
Another inevitably huge factor is pollution. Pollution in humongous amounts is caused by technology. Part of computers and other gadgets are non-disposable toxic materials that release lead and mercury which are extremely harmful to the society. Cars and other vehicles release benzene, carbon dioxide, etc that cause numerous problems like acid rain, global warming and cancer.

Conclusion: Technology is an ever progressing branch. Science is striving hard to remove the demerits of gadgets, but with development destruction is inevitable.
I’d like to end my quoting Thomas Elva Edison, the famous inventor,
“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.”

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