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Positive and negative effects of WhatsApp

Today, it is likely that almost all of us regularly use WhatsApp- provided we have access to a smartphone of course. And that makes perfect sense; after all, WhatsApp is one of the most prominent and most easy to use instant messaging applications there are right now. Naturally, as can be seen from this instance, it has indeed become one of the most important social media platforms today. And, like all social media, it has drawn a considerable amount of mixed reviews from people. On the one hand, most people would agree with the great things that WhatsApp has done for us; on the other, many people are of the opinion that WhatsApp has indeed brought about a lot of harm for its users. In this article, we will try to look at both sides of the story.

Positive and negative effects of WhatsApp

Positive effects of WhatsApp:

First of all, we will look at why WhatsApp is so popular today.


To begin with, WhatsApp is very cost effective compared to the other instant messaging services. Remember the days when you had to pay through your nose to hold a meaningful, and even a mundane, conversation? Well, WhatsApp certainly did put an end to all that. SMS used to be, and still is, really expensive, with a specific number of characters you can send for a minimum fee, which gets cut from your main balance that you otherwise need to make calls. Now that makes sending SMSes really expensive, since you have to recharge your phone with an SMS pack that allows you to send messages without affecting your calling balance or deplete your calling balance sending SMSes. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is completely free. All you need to do is pay for your internet connection, and as long as you have enough mobile data (and you don’t need much for WhatsApp to run, you are good to go.

Global coverage

Making international calls or even sending SMSes internationally is a really expensive activity. Irrespective of the service provider you have chosen, international calls and messages cost a lot, more than local or national ones. WhatsApp, however, utilizes only data, and the charges are the same across the globe. If you are in Taiwan and wish to send a message across the world to Greenland, feel free to do so using WhatsApp, because you will be charged the same if you had engaged in a WhatsApp conversation with your next door neighbor. Your data usage will be the same, and the good thing is, you need very little data to run WhatsApp.

Feature heavy

WhatsApp comes with a host of features. You can not only send text messages and hold endless conversations; you can make the conversation more fun by sending pictures, videos, and songs via WhatsApp. Wish to share your whole wedding album? Feel free! Have you uploaded a new video on YouTube and cannot wait to show it to your friends? WhatsApp again! What is more, you can also make data calls from WhatsApp, although this feature will only work when the other person also has mobile data or access to WiFi.

Negative effects of WhatsApp:

Like everything else, WhatsApp also comes with a host of negative implications.

Lacks cross-device compatibility

One major complain about WhatsApp is that it is not compatible cross devices. It is an application, and as such, it needs to be installed on a phone that supports the installation of the application. As such, you can only use WhatsApp to converse with people who also have the application installed on their phones. Besides, WhatsApp data cannot be transferred from phone to phone, although this can be countered by choosing to restore all previous data when you install the app in a new phone. This makes the technology rather restrictive.

Very distracting

Yet another complaint, one that is in compliance with all other social media apps and websites, is the fact that WhatsApp is intensely distracting. How easy can it be to concentrate on the work at hand if the notifications for new messages keep going on and on? If you have mobile data or WiFi on, you simply cannot stop receiving messages, unless you choose to mute a conversation or block a number.

WhatsApp is indeed a very useful messaging app. It is inexpensive and loaded with features, and eminently user friendly. Most people today extensively use WhatsApp all the time. And its appeal can be seen even more in the fact that it is today being used not just to communicate and stay in touch with family and friends, but also to relay important messages to our colleagues and bosses. But in the end, whether it is useful or not depends entirely on you, and you only.

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Positive and negative effects of YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform and provides services, which include uploading, sharing, and viewing video content among others. The private individuals upload the majority of the content on the website and some major corporations share other news and informative videos. Started with the uploading of 65,000 new videos every day in 2006, the number, today, has reached 400 hours of new content every day. Spreading with the pace of the internet advancement, YouTube has become a mobile television, information, and education providers at large. Owing to its affordable and easy access, YouTube is popular among every generation for the instant entertainment and sharing everyday events. Though YouTube possesses numerous merits, its constant usage can deeply impact the lifestyle and thinking ability of an individual.

Positive and negative effects of YouTube

Positive effects of YouTube:

The YouTube videos help in motivating and encouraging an individual to learn and perform better.

Education provider

YouTube is playing a major role in extending the area of a classroom, which was a sole education provider, a decade ago. Today, YouTube has become a global classroom with thousands of teachers undertaking tutoring sessions and a student can choose between them to enlarge the knowledge. Many top educational institutions share classroom videos on YouTube and a student living abroad can achieve similar academic learning while viewing and retaining these videos. By subscribing to one particular channel, a student stays notified for new uploads.

Entertaining content

A few years ago, the definition of entertainment was television, radio, or cinema hall. But, today, YouTube has changed this definition by bringing every movie or series in the hands of each global user. Live streaming, YouTube gaming, and YouTube kids are few applications that the company has launched to target the specific audience.

Free uploads

YouTube grants Right to expression, which is a basic right of every person. One doesn’t require an official permission to broadcast their ideas in the form of videos. Through YouTube, an individual can upload any video content that he wants to share with the world. In the digital world of the internet, YouTube spreads the vision and perspective of millions and allows a person to relate and feel belongingness.

Online jobs

When people started using YouTube, they wouldn’t have anticipated that they can earn by sharing their interests online. YouTube gives a means of earning to the innovative video creators and bloggers. As of today, numerous corporate channels on YouTube earns millions with the number of views. The trend of web series in several countries has gained popularity on YouTube, which proved beneficial for struggling actors.

Hugely informative

With smartphones becoming common these days, YouTube provides a platform to an individual to record an event or news content through the smartphone and upload it. YouTube permits sharing a video on the social networking site, which is a great mean to acquire national or global attention towards a social cause. In this way, YouTube spreads general awareness among masses.

Negative effects of YouTube:

With its popularity, the unexpected problems have been challenging the wide YouTube usage.

Unreliable videos

A large following to a YouTube channel gives enough power to the content creator to manipulate the video and reach a thousand users. As anyone can upload a video on YouTube, it can become a means to spread false information and strike rage among citizens. In the education sector, where everyone’s sense of understanding is different, YouTube doesn’t possess a provision to check if the knowledge being provided is correct.

Entertainment sector

YouTube has greatly impacted the growth of the entertainment sector in every country. The impact on the film industry and PVRs have been huge, as movies are available on YouTube in few days after release. At the same time, the economy of domestic television channels slumped as the interest of citizens is moving toward more logical and technological television shows, which is available on YouTube, of other countries.

Unfavorable content

Many parents refrain their children from using YouTube because it constitutes content that can be disturbing to the mental health of the children. At times, videos show violent content without any warning. Numerous clips constitute content completely different from the name and thus, unable to provide meaningful and required information.

Time wastage

Surfing the internet for the educational purposes and ending up with entertaining videos on the YouTube isn’t uncommon. Various kind of videos on the YouTube page distracts a brain, who enters the website for a specific information. In this way, an individual ends up wasting productive time.

YouTube possesses the capability of changing the face of the general knowledge and scientific education in the human history. While taking actions against the pressure from the global community, YouTube has undertaken required measures to limit its demerits. For example, following the criticism regarding disturbing and adult content, the website now requires users to register themselves to view specific videos. At the same time, the government must ensure that the content on the YouTube shouldn’t disturb the peace in the territory. History shows that every invention and technology comes with pros and cons and it’s upon humans to consume benefits and discard negatives for the betterment of the mankind.

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Positive and negative effects of the increased use of information technology

Information technology (IT), in general, is a program that fulfills the computer technology needs of businesses, government institutions and undertakings, and other organizations. IT specialists use the technology in software development and installation and managing the administration of an organization. The technology has been experiencing advancement since decades and today, widely employed among small start-ups as well as the international organizations. While constituting high storage capacity and easy transmission and reception of encrypted data, the information technology has made conventional means including punched tapes an obsolete. In recent times, the rapid growth of the information technology in every field and sector has eased billions of lives.

Positive and negative effects of the increased use of information technology

Positive effects of the increased use of information technology

Information technology transformed the business management and social lives.

Information storage and safety

The invention of transistors in the mid 20th century contributed to the making of electronic storage devices, which stores the databases of an organization and information over the internet. Along with the storage, the software applications keep tracks of any cyber activity and secure the data from hacking. Various codes restrict the accessibility to the company’s files and secretive data. This factor encourages institutions and companies to employ information technology.


A few decades from now,  the conventional companies had to organize a small event every now and then to advertise their products. In addition, they had a limited audience which meant a small number of clients and buyers. With the information technology, every business got an equal opportunity to advertise the products by creating company’s website over the internet. They share the site link on the social media to create their brands’ awareness among masses. Even customers find it easy to make deals through digital means.


As of today, the word communication has a completely different meaning. Sharing a view, thought, idea, or an information without being physically present in a meeting through video conferencing, such possibility was unimaginable years from now. But, today, the world don’t have any company or an organization, which don’t rely upon IT for their communication purposes. An application mails every mandatory information to all employees. Cell phones have removed the continuous movement to carry a message in the working area. No technology has impacted a human’s social life to this extent than information technology.


Automation has become a necessity of large-scale industries including automobiles manufacturing and food processing industries among others. All an operator need is a software installation. This has limited the major accidents in factories and construction sites, where humans carried heavy objects and appliances. In addition, automation has reduced the time take to manufacture one unit. Today, an industry can manufacture fifty units compared to one. The economy of many exporting countries showed growth with its employment.

Job creation

Information technology is a boon for start-ups and technology-based ventures. Today, a person doesn’t require a huge sum of money and land to start a business but an internet, using which, he can convert an idea into a picture and engage many other job seekers to convert this small space into a big empire like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Negative effects of the increased use of information technology

The following limitations negatively impact the growth and development of businesses as well as a human being.

Security issues

While information technology has eased the workload and expenses of the businesses, the increased use has raised questions about the data security. The amount of time every person spend on the internet, he stays at the risk of cyber attack for an equal time period. Knowing this, businesses employ high security for their databases and files, but every day some account gets hacked. It means no reliable security system is available at present, which stresses every businessman.

Limited jobs

The increased use of information technology has replaced the human resource. A postman, who used to deliver messages, no longer exists. Factories, which appreciated human strengths, have little jobs for manpower. Online ordering has taken the jobs of shop owners in small towns. While IT has simplified the jobs of many, it has seized the opportunity to earn bread of many others.

Social limitations

An over-dependence on the information technology has loosened a student’s concentration and heighten the inactiveness. The technology provided numerous software applications in every field that a child hardly require advice from parents, teachers, and friends. This has led to the increased social inactivity. In addition, the vast amount of information on these applications confuses a person and affect the proper mental stimulation.

Though the information technology is a gift to the mankind, the fear still persists. A right human behavior, a correct business attitude, and a few bilateral and international conventions can help in overcoming this fear.


Positive and negative effects of wind energy

Wind energy refers to the power generated with the help of wind that moves the turbine, which converts the motion into mechanical energy. With the employment of generators, this energy converts into electric energy. In the late 19th century, it found application in grounding grains and pumping water. Today, wind energy among other resources fulfil the electricity needs of people. The global warming and rising greenhouse gases in the environment have heightened the tension among every nation of the world. This has led to the pressure from United Nations to move toward renewable sources of energy. And hence, the widespread employment of wind farms, onshore and offshore wind power is creating headlines. At the same time, many countries are dealing with other issues arising from its implementation.

Positive and negative effects of wind energy

Positive effects of wind energy:

Wind energy constitutes huge long-term benefits.

Renewable energy

Wind energy is an efficient alternative to the thermal energy, which utilizes coal for energy production. Being a renewable and clean resource, wind energy will never bump off the earth like fossil fuels. This factor makes wind energy sustainable and significant contributor to the overall energy sector.

Employment generation

Wind energy sector has a huge potential for job creation. The employment generation in several fields includes manufacturing of wind turbines, installation of the system, and placing transmission lines and submarine pipes where necessary. And the formal sector job includes proper maintenance and regulation including transportation and issuing tenders.

Diminishes economy turbulence

At present, a majority of countries fulfil their energy needs by exploiting non-renewable resources including coal, oil, and gas. As many countries import these resources, huge demand, and dependency, at times, lead to a ceiling price that disturbs the budget of a country. Most affected are developing countries, who fight to fulfil the basic needs of the citizens every year. Wind energy eliminates this problem, as developing countries has huge potential and area, where wind farms can find a home.


A major issue among other energy sources is the emission of harmful gases into the environment. But wind energy produces no such gases. Unlike dangerous mining activities for extraction of coal, wind energy’s basic source, wind, is abundant in earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the installation of wind turbines don’t require a large area and thus, eliminates the problems that arise during land acquisition.

Enhances energy security

Wind energy is profitable to the countries, who can’t afford to import an expensive resource in the form of oil and gas from other countries. Also, many developing countries like India have a limited budget to spend on such imports. Here, wind energy comes as an alternative to other high-cost resources. With enormous energy in hand, electricity reaches every single home in a country.

Negative effects of wind energy:

Few limitations impact its wide application.

High cost

The construction and maintenance cost of the entire wind energy production system is high. Wind farms require transmission lines to carry generated power to the destination. To generate offshore wind power, a submarine cable is necessary to transport the energy to the remote location which adds an extra burden on government budget or private investment. And, the costly implementation makes the rates of power generated extreme.

Power losses

The power losses are unavoidable in cases of transporting energy through long transmission lines. Due to this, carrying power to remote locations, which lacks another power source, becomes arduous. In the United States, many wind companies stopped running wind farms following huge difference between generating and transmission capacity.

Increases pollution

A major disadvantage of the wind turbines is the noise and visual pollution generation. One can hear the noise of the spinning wind turbines from hundreds of meters away. It affects the hearing ability of people living nearby. Also, windy areas are favorite among tourists and visitors, who see wind turbine as a landscape exploiter. In the past few years, the government faced wide public objection because of these reasons.

Endangers wildlife

Reports say that the spinning wind turbines kill a large number of birds. This has led to the decreased population of local birds. In India, many flamingos, vultures, and cranes died of collision with moving blades. Thus, the production of wind energy poses a great threat to the wildlife.

Wind power has huge potential for eliminating the dependency on non-renewable resources. By doing so, it can fulfil the objective of wide renewable resources usage in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In India, to enhance the wind energy production, the government has launched schemes such as ‘Generation-based Incentive Scheme’ and ‘Wind Resource Assessment Programme’. To establish the footage of wind energy, the government should consider the demands of protestors and place wind farms away from dwellings. Also, policymakers should understand that uprooting homes and endangering environment to electrify another home isn’t an achievement.

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Positive and negative effects of Facebook

Facebook is a social networking service working under the aegis of a for-profit organization, Facebook Inc., whose chairman and CEO is Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of this large network. Confined to a college campus in Massachusetts in 2004, today, it has footage in most of the parts of the world. The services Facebook provides include cost-free registration, sending friend requests to other users, posting and sharing status, photos, and videos, and a free messenger. As of 2017, the users constitute 27% of the global population. In addition, the widespread smartphone usage and accessibility of the internet has enhanced its popularity. Recently, where Facebook is expanding its coverage by modifying its services, it attracted notable attention from the world community following its alleged misuse.

Positive and negative effects of Facebook

Positive effects of Facebook:

Facebook has changed the definition of the social world.

Brings equality

Facebook provides neutral facilities and services to every person on this planet. Celebrities, national leaders, and wealthy businessmen don’t own special treatment or a classified page or an account that a few people can access. A common citizen and a high-class person, both access, post, and share in the same way.

Large social circle

The existence of a networking site like Facebook benefits an individual in staying in contact with the known and friends for a long and lifetime. Whenever someone needs help or an advice, a friend is a mere second away, because of Facebook. Facebook provides an opportunity to establish contact with people of similar interests, which can be helpful in professional life and self-development.

Digital campaigns

Social media has become commonplace to gain the attention of government toward any social cause and illegal activity. Facebook users show their support by sharing an incident or posting a unique display picture. Reports show that it takes a day for such an issue to reach Parliament house, where an issue took weeks and months for the same in past. Also, Facebook has lowered the burden of police, as users help in finding missing children or a culprit by sharing videos and photos.

Increases awareness

Internet constitutes numerous news websites and the followers are comparatively lower. These websites use the Facebook platform to inform and spread everyday reporting in the different parts of the world. In this way, Facebook makes every user a knowledgeable and intellectual person.

Negative effects of Facebook:

The digital world of Facebook has consumed the normal and healthy living.


Using a Facebook account isn’t a group thing but a sole participation. The willingness to stay in contact with the friends and the world events glued a user to the Facebook via cell phones. This has led to the isolation among youngsters, who feel comfortable and content with a virtual living in a digital world. It, in turn, affects the relationships and mandatory responsibilities in the physical world.

Live crimes

Since the Facebook introduced ‘live’ option in its application, the live crimes have increased where a user records a robbery or sexual harassment through an account. The hunger of publicity and maximum followers have influenced users to perform these inhumane activities. As a criminal can make an anonymous account or hack someone else’s account, police find it difficult to reach the real culprit.

Unstable relationships

Today, youngster find it easy and interesting to make friends on Facebook. They might develop a strong bond with someone and at the same time, a couple might argue regarding posted comments on social media. Figures show that many youngsters face breakups on Facebook. The way people end their relationships despite being physically distant and in a different situation and circumstances have proved a major stain on the social culture that humans have been developing since ages.


24*7 open application impacts normal lives of people to a great extent. The lack of concentration in a task someone is performing in the physical world is a major negative effect of continuous Facebook availability. Facebook disturbs the study time, family and friends get-together. It’s usage in late night hours raise insomnia, eye-stress, and other health issues among users. And the urge of knowing ‘what’s new’ leads to Facebook usage in working hours, which, further, impact the effective delivery of assignments and job, altogether.

Facebook is a revolution itself, which provided a single platform to every human being on this earth to communicate and share their culture. One can’t reverse the hold it possesses in this modern world in coming years. At the same time, many countries have banned the Facebook usage following the fake news and extensive violence on its services. To eliminate these limitations, human behavioral changes is must and government can contribute by creating an awareness among citizens regarding ethical use of the Facebook.

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Positives and negatives of electric cars

Electric cars are becoming commonplace in our world. A few years ago electric cars would have been completely frowned upon but like all things, technological advancements in the area of battery density and electric motor design have made electric cars a more viable option. More people are opting to drive electric cars and it is being coined as the future of transport. There are however both positives and negatives to electric cars. So, let me tell you about them.

Positives and negatives of electric cars

Positives of electric cars:

  1. Quick and Quiet cars:

Electrics vehicles or EVs for short, generally are very silent because they don’t have engines and exhausts, the torque (axle turning power) is also very instant. This makes electric cars really silent during operation and also offers superior ride quality. EVs are really smooth,stepping on the accelerator provides instant power to the wheels and this power doesn’t come with vibes or turbo lag found on the likes of petroleum or diesel powered internal combustion vehicles. The experience of driving an electric vehicle is very satisfying and fun.

  1. Low maintenance:

Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts than cars with an internal combustion engine, because of which wear and tear is also lesser. The lack on an engine and everything that goes with it also means that you don’t need to do the regular maintenance stuff like changing the engine oil, radiator fluid and so on. Electric cars also have something called regenerative breaking, this allows the brakes to transfer the energy that is created during braking and convert it into power that is sent back to the battery. This makes the brakes last longer than in conventional cars.

  1. Electric cars are cheaper to run:

In most parts of the world, electricity is still cheaper than gasoline or diesel. Electric cars offer more miles per dollar than most conventional cars do. EV’s almost run at a third of the cost of what conventional cars run at and in a few cases costs can even be cut to as low as a forth of what conventional cars would cost you. This coupled with the fact that electric vehicles are also low maintenance means that you save money on repairs that you would potentially need to get done with conventional cars. Put two and two together you have vehicles that run at a fraction of the cost of what cars with internal combustion cars would run at.

  1. Reduces the Environmental impact of burning Fossil Fuels:

Electric vehicles reduce the impact that is created by burning fossil fuels,there are no tailpipe emissions on EVs. Even in areas that are dependent on coal for electricity, Electric vehicles still help substantially in reducing emissions. In areas where there are mixed power grids that are reliant on more renewable sources like solar, hydro and wind, the emissions are cut drastically. Methods to recycle electric car batteries are also becoming common.

Negatives of electric cars:

  1. Shorter Range:

Most electrical vehicles have a range of about 100 miles on a single charge which is lesser compared to what cars with internal combustion cars can achieve with a single tank. While in most cases the 100 Mile range would suffice for day to day commutes and most city use. Electric vehicles still aren’t ready for long distance travel.

  1. Long charging times:

The short range isn’t the only problem that electric vehicles have they also take a long time to charge. Most cars top up at a rate of 20-25 miles in an hour of charging from your home’s 240V wall outlet. There are faster public charges that can provide up-to 60% charge in a matter of half an hour but,this is still a very long time in comparison to the 10 or so minutes that it takes to fill a tank in a gasoline or diesel. This coupled with the fact that public chargers for electric vehicles are fewer and less widespread than fuel pumps also makes it hard for a lot of people to choose electric cars especially if they tend to go long distances on their cars.

  1. Higher initial investment:

The cost of owning an electric car might be lower than that of owning a conventional car but the cost of buying one is much higher. The cheapest of electric cars costs anywhere between US$ 20,000-30,000 and more luxurious models retail in the hundred thousand mark. This makes buying an electric vehicle, at the moment quite the expensive affair. You will be spending at the least a $10,000 more to buy one. In most cases electric vehicles pay for themselves overtime but the higher cost does put off a lot of buyers from driving one around.

So those are the positives and negatives of owning an electric car. So will you be picking one up anytime soon?

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Positive and negatives of Bitcoin

Everyone among us who has interest in the financial updates of the economy in the world must be aware of the term “Bitcoin”. The term is coined in 2009 when it the first cryptocurrency in the world was launched. The advances in the technology has provoked the economist to think differently and progressive to move ahead and ahead. The launch of Bitcoin is one of the substantial evident that our economist are working 24*7 on their toes to bring the change in the existing economy of the world. Though it is a volatile virtual currency, it has all its rights reserved to a private party instead of a government involvement. It is not all regulated and issued by any government authority. The rights are still preserved with a private party.

Positive and negatives of Bitcoin

The debate on the impact of Bitcoin on the world’s economy is under an aggressive debate. There are many of the points that supports its impactful existence where as few of the points are responsible for making it not a suitable option to go for in future for a longer time. In this write –up ,we will be focusing on both the sides of the coin and will throw a light on the various highlights of the considerations of Bitcoin as a currency.

Positive impact of Bitcoin:

There are many of the positive impacts of investing and keeping Bitcoin as it can help in easing the economy of the country as well as the individual. Here is the list of positive benefits of using Bitcoin:

Unaffected with inflation: This is one of the best features of Bitcoin as it is going to be completely unaffected with the inflation. The decided quantity of Bitcoin is 21 million only hence there is no chance to face any inflation with Bitcoin.

No risk associated: As the currency is not regulated by any of the government authority, there is a low or no risk with the currency collapse.

Easy to operate: The currency is all operated under the hands of digitization which makes it easy and compatible for all to understand and use it at anywhere, anytime.  Moreover the concept of Bitcoin is easy and could be understood by anyone who is interested in investing.  One can easily keep a strict track on the ups and lows of the currency rate as it can be operated online through any of the internet supported devices.

Higher transparency in operations: As anyone can check the status of currency rates, it become easy and transparent to keep an easy track on the operations associated with it.


Negative impacts of Bitcoin

Moving ahead, we have a list of points that shows the negative impacts of using Bitcoin currency.

These are:

Lack of awareness: The important fact that we cannot deny is that many of the people are not aware and trained to deal with digital currencies. People need a special session to understand the correct optimization of these currencies in their life. There are many payment gateways that do not support Bitcoin as their currency. It becomes difficult to operate with such channels, if we speak about Bitcoin.

Volatility: There is a limitation on the count of coins at Bitcoin which makes it highly volatile in nature. There is a high increase in the coins of Bitcoin which further makes it on a high risk.

In a development phase: Though Bitcoin was launched in 2009, still the currency is under observation. There are many possible growth channels that are supposed to be done completely to bring the actual potential of Bitcoin out in the front of the world.

Need of internet: The other factor that contributes to the negatives of Bitcoin is that it always requires a high speed of internet to carry out the transactions. However it is not possible to stay connected with internet at every time.

In conclusion, we have an open debate that supports its existence as well as doubts its sustainability in the market for longer time. Bitcoin itself is not a perfect term but still it continues with many of the perfections with it. The final call to go for it or avoid the Bitcoin is always in hand of the user. One must weigh the positive as well as negative impacts thoroughly to come over a conclusion. This article depicts the actual facts behind the term “Bitcoin” …….. the final decision is in your hands! Think wisely before moving towards any decision for it!