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Negative effects of Instagram

Instagram, seems to be growing in popularity every single day, and there are studies that indicate that Instagram posts are seeing a higher interaction rate than Facebook which in itself is all the more telling. Instagram, like every other social media site out there, comes with its own negative effects. Here’s to taking a closer look at some of them.

Negative effects of Instagram

Addiction: Some users find it hard to refrain from checking their Instagram every half hour; Instagram sites like every other social media site is equally, if not more addictive. If you happen to be one of those who cannot go more than a few minutes without logging into Instagram, then chances are high that you are indeed addicted to the same. You may need to consult a specialist to overcome this addiction.

Self-esteem: If you happen to use Instagram on a daily basis and the main event of the day happens to be when you react to Instagram posts, then you know you have a problem. As with all social media sites, it’s all about peer validation; if you find yourself reacting more to others posts than remain aware of what’s happening around you, then chances are high that you have a low self-esteem. This is why you need to make sure that all your online interaction is limited to the bare minimum and no more than necessary.

Depression: Social media sites like Instagram can make you aware of the fact that others lead a fulfilled life than you do at the moment. This realization can make you feel depressed and if you do not take effective measures, then you may develop chronic depression along with its associated health issues.

Loss of productive hours: Being addicted to sites like Instagram can lead to a loss of productive hours when you could have better utilized the same and put it to good use. Sure, you may get a few likes, may even have followers but at the end of the day, all of that does not matter in the real B&M world. For example, you could have picked up some new skill and beefed up your CV in all the time you were busy being engrossed by Instagram posts.

Sleep deprivation: If you are addicted to Instagram, then chances are that it has been a while since you had slept soundly. Sleep deprivation is one of the symptoms of addiction and if the same situation continues unchecked, then this could well lead to your health being impacted in the long run.

These are some of the negative effects associated with Instagram, and while no one is claiming that Instagram is bad, being addicted to it can even impact your health permanently. One of the effective methods for cutting back on Instagram is to develop a hobby or take part in a strenuous physical activity. That should do the trick and in a matter of a few weeks these should help wean you away from using Instagram all the time.

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Negative effects of online shopping

Today, more consumers shop online than they do in retail stores; online shopping is no longer just a fad or a passing phase. It is a way of life that we have all gotten used to for the simple reason it takes us less time to shop online than it would, were we to go head to the local retail store or to the local grocers. But online shopping comes with its own drawbacks and it is time that we took a closer look at some of them.

Negative effects of online shopping

  • Choosing the right product: Since you are planning to shop online, it would not be possible for you to try on the new blazer or the brand new jeans that you have set your heart on purchasing. The same applies to all products where it would be either advisable to try them out before purchasing them or at least sample their wares. Instead, you would have to settle for the information listed on the website and hope that the product in question turns to be all right. One of the common reasons for most people to return their online purchases is that it was not in the right size.
  • Addictive: Recent studies have shown how online shopping, like regular shopping, can turn out to be addictive. Not everyone gets addicted to online shopping but there are more than a few who are susceptible to the same. Addicts often find it hard to quit purchasing items online to the point that they would soon start purchasing items they do not need and it is only a matter of time before they chalk up a massive debt.
  • Hidden costs: Most products when purchased online come with hidden costs. If you thought that the final price listed on the website is all there is and that you do not have to pay more, you would be mistaken. More often than not, online stores charge tax along with packing and courier charges and in the end, you would end up with a massive bill.
  • Security: Since you would be utilizing your credit cards to shop online, you may want to realize that most online vendors store your credit card information so that you can check out faster. But this puts you at risk of a data breach and puts you at risk of having your card details stolen. While companies assure customers that all customers’ related data is kept secure and stored separately on a different server, you would still be at risk of having your card information stolen.

These are some  of the negatives associated with online shopping; no one is claiming that online shopping is bad but that it has its own shortcomings. You need to be aware of the negative effects of online shopping before opting to do just that.  And it is always a good idea to shop with a debit card rather than a credit card for obvious reasons.  So the next time you plan to do some online shopping, you may want to take a few precautions.

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Negative effects of screen time

Allowing your kids too much screen time with their various video games, television programs can have residual negative effects which can affect their health in the long run. And while there seems to be little agreement as to what is appropriate screen time – one thing is for sure, allowing your kids too much screen time can cause them to become addicted to the same. This is why it is important that we take a closer look at some of the negative effects of screen time.

Negative effects of screen time


Sleep deprivation: Children require more sleep than adults and getting hooked on to various devices from tablets to video games can cause them to sleep less. Children are at an important phase of their development and as such, they require at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep. Moreover, if they sleep with the various electronic devices in close proximity, the residual blue light emitted by these devices can cause them to sleep less fitfully. As a result, they are often extremely fatigued on waking up and this has a cascading effect on their health as well.

Obesity: Obesity is fast becoming a crisis with several teens developing obesity-related health disorders and the rising incidence of diabetes 2 among young patients is equally worrying. One of the causative factors for young children to become obese over a period of time is the fact that they get less exercise as they get hooked on various online games and other devices. And since most of them sit down to access these devices, they become less fit and as a result, more obese over a certain period.

Vision: It goes without saying that spending long hours in front of the PC, television, tablets, mobile phones and/or video games is going to lead to vision impairment.  This is why it is essential that you monitor the amount of screen time your kids are exposed to and if required, regulate the same so that their health does not get impacted. If your kid’s eye is watering as a result of getting too much screen time, then you need to take him to the doctors right away.

Body aches and pains: Spending too much time on the laptop or playing games on devices can lead to joint aches. In fact, extensive laptop usage can cause your kid to develop carpal tunnel syndrome; if he experiences sharp inexplicable pains in his wrist as he moves his hand, then chances are likely that he is indeed suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Addiction: Kids can become easily addicted to various electronic devices which is why you need to carefully monitor their screen time. If you feel that they are indeed addicted, then it may be time to take your kid on a weekend trip to an electronics-free zone but either way does consult a childcare specialist for suggestions and tips on how to handle this addiction.

These are some of the negative effects of too much screen time and this is why it is important you realize the inherent dangers of allowing your kids too much screen time.

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Positive and negative effects of virtual reality

Virtual reality(VR) technology redefines the way that we communicate with one other; in fact, most of the devices that we use, are but a base extension of what virtual tech is all about. From the fact that you are able to use your android phones to communicate with another person in real time or even shoot a movie, upload and share the same instantly are but a part of reality today. VR just takes this to another level and adds yet another layer to the communication wherein you or to be more specific, your body is tricked to imagine scenarios, express yourself sans any inhibitions and much more. There are quite a few VR tech in use today, from the VR headset that allows you to experience an enhanced form of artificial reality, to those that allow you to experience a range of visual and physical sensations, causing you to experience virtual reality as never before.

Positive and negative effects of virtual reality

Positive effects of virtual reality:

The good thing about virtual reality is that it allows you to experience wide range of sensations that you may not otherwise and more to the fact, it allows you to expand your horizons in more ways than one. Thanks to Google cameras, you can now use virtual reality tech to travel to distant shores, places you had never visited before for free or almost, for no charge. All that you would require is a virtual reality headset and be able to travel to your heart’s content right from the comfort of your bedroom. Of course, it won’t be the same as the real deal but you should still be able to indulge yourself.

Virtual reality is a life saver, in more ways than one. While patients often had to shell out to travel to the US for select medical procedures, most of these doctors are now able to carry out surgeries right from the comfort of their own offices while their patients are located thousands of miles away. Thanks to high definition video and audio input, some of these doctors have started using VR tech to guide and assist in surgeries despite being located so far away. And since all communication is in real time, these doctors are able to provide the required assistance and in the process, provide their patients with timely treatment without having to travel any long distances. The other good thing about VR tech is the added impetus it can provide as an educational tool. You must have heard of Rome’s sacking of Carthage, and now, thanks to VR, you can experience it, from the front row.

Negative effects of Virtual reality:

While enhanced communication is ideal, the fact remains that you are more likely to become anti-social and insular as a result of over-reliance on VR technology. The fact is that as you become more engrossed with virtual reality, you will start to spend less time with social interactions; the line between artificial reality and the real variant can get blurred over time. This is why continual exposure to VR tech can lead impact your health from physical to psychological, over time.

As of date, there are little to no laws regulating the use of virtual tech which is why chances of the same being misused are quite high. While one of the perks of Virtual reality is that it allows you to move and behave without restraint, enabling you to do things that you would not have done otherwise – the fact remains that over-reliance on a technology with no regulations is bound to result in behavioral changes. In short, as you use VR tech more frequently, your behavior is bound to change and not for the better. The other flip side to this is the fact that VR tech is not cheap and while you may enjoy an artificial form of reality, getting addicted to the same can lead to a severe strain on your resources, apart from becoming unsociable.

These are some of the pros and cons of virtual reality and while it can be hard to come to a decision on whether VR tech is good or not, the fact remains that over-reliance on the same can impact your health, over prolonged periods. This is why you need to take care to make sure that you do not spend more than the bare minimum with any form of VR tech and do remember, when it comes to the best experience, physical or otherwise, nothing beats the real deal.

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Positive and negative effects of green revolution

Green revolution had long been hailed as a savior as it provided a way to combat loss of productivity in various crops. At the end of world war 2,one of the issues facing the world as a whole was the fact that population figures worldwide was rising exponentially and agriculture, as yet could not provide enough to feed everyone. As a result, several scientists stated working out a model by which they can make nations self-sufficient to grow crops, and even stockpile the same. This necessitated in the creation of the green revolution, during the 1960S and 1980s. Here’s to taking a closer look at some of the positive and negative effects of green revolution.

Positive and negative effects of green revolution

Positive effects of green revolution:

Increased productivity: One of the positive and immediate effects of green revolution was the increase in productivity by nearly 2.5 times. Several nations had suffered as a result of environmental degradation on account of various reasons and changing climate across the world. This necessitated the setting up of a workshop to help deal with the issue which resulted in the green revolution. As a result of several innovative techniques including cross breeding, GR was able to introduce resilient food grains which lead to better productivity

Stockpile: One of the effects of GR happens to be increased reliance in stockpiles and governments across the world investing in agricultural infrastructure. This was more of a necessity since earlier on; most farmers had little or no access to adequate infrastructure to store their excess production. But now, the same farmers can stockpile large scale food production under ambient and safe conditions.

Cost: While green revolution had little to do with the cost of food grains or produce, it nevertheless did have a beneficial effect as a whole as these same farmers could now store their excess produce safely and sell at a marked up price later on.

Negative effects of green revolution:

Some of the associated negative effects of green revolution are listed below

Pesticides and fertilizers: One of the side effects of increased productivity happens to be the increasing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers often resorted to excess use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers which resulted in the toxins affecting both the soil as well as the produce itself. Rather than depend on natural fertilizers, excess dependence on the synthetic variants often led to depleted nutrients in the soil as well impacting the environment.

Toxicity: Pesticides are toxic and some, more so than others; the issue though is that some of these pesticides are literally built to last and tend to do for years in the top soil, after usage. As a result, it can stay dormant on the top soil for years; affect higher organisms which in turn can have an impact on our health. This is one of the reasons why it is always advisable to wash all farm produce before cooking the same. There are various cases pending against some of the food companies for excessive usage of pesticides.

Lack of diversity: On the flip side, the green revolution just focused on a few select crops, from wheat to rice. The idea was to focus on crops that were utilized worldwide so as to provide the populace with essential food grains.  As a result only a select few crops were studies and subjected to green revolution and with increased productivity this had led to a lack of diversity in food crops worldwide.

Topsoil: One of the innovative ideas of green revolution was mono cropping; mono cropping did lead to being able to harvest larger amount of crops within a short time period. The problem though is that the use of heavy equipment for mono cropping lead to soil compaction which often prevented the fertilizers from spreading downwards. Furthermore, frequent mono cropping led to lack of essential nutrients in the top soil, which resulted in less productivity.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of green revolution; and while green revolution does provide us with some great advantages in the short term, it still needs to be evaluated and studied further to protect our crops. While several companies have utilized green revolution tech to ramp up their production of several crops, namely Mexico – they have also set up inter-ministerial group to study the impact of current technology on local crops. The group has been set up to study the short term and long term impact of relying on green revolution.

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Positive and negative effects of electricity

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when you did not have electricity and instead had to opt for beeswax candles or light a lamp to read anything at night. Electricity has become ingrained and is part of modern life that it is hard to even imagine going without it for days on end. In the end, it is all about adaptation and one thing’s for sure – mankind sure adapted to electricity and its varied usages, quite fast. Some of the positive and negative effects of electricity are posted below for reference.

Positive and negative effects of electricity

Positive effects of electricity:

While it could be argued that Edison discovered electricity that would take a wide stretch of the imagination for it was Benjamin Franklin to whom this honor goes for he did spend a lot of time researching electricity and ionic charges. We have indeed come a long way since the days of flying kites to gauge any electrical impact, and today, our entire economy depends on electricity to a large extent.

Industry: Nearly all industries require electricity to function at full efficiency and it is because of electricity that most of them are able to meet the current demands placed on them by an ever-growing population. While all industries from heavy industries to even traditional one’s relay on electricity to a large extent, the fact remains that the industries remain the same as they did, pre-electricity but they have indeed grown both in scope and size.

Essential services: Whichever essential service you pick from water supplies to plasma production centers, you will find that they all run based on electricity. In fact, even your solar power heater would still require some electricity to get powered up to function seamlessly.  Given this, you may want to thank your stars that you are born in an age where electricity is not a one-off phenomenon but an essential part of daily life on this planet.

Energy: Thanks to electricity, you can now warm your homes to a cozy temperature even as a winter storm rages on the outside. Electricity provides you with the required energy you need to utilize various services, operate your machines and even to make coffee. It is an integral part of your daily life which is why imagining one without electricity in it is hard to even imagine.

Negative effects of electricity:

Like everything else, there’s the flip side to electricity – check out below.

Environment: One of the downsides to electricity is the way it is generated. Usually, electricity was generated through Coal which as a fossil fuel was pivotal in releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If this was not bad enough, a few power plants started burning biomass as a way to generate electricity and this resulted in a buildup of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Both of these heavily contribute to global warming. While you can obtain electricity from renewable sources like wind and water, the process is expensive and at times, even cost prohibitive.

The electric chair: While this cannot, on the whole, be construed as one of the negative of electricity, it is but thanks to Edison and his invention that man finally had the means to officially execute a large number of human beings. While it was often touted as the humane way to kill someone, which is moronic, to say the least, the process is anything but humane and certainly excruciating for the victim.

Accidents: While the principles of electricity have been widely understood and it has a wide range of applications in today’s society, it should still be pointed out that electricity kills more people than most natural disasters. Even touching an exposed wire for just a second is enough to fry you on the inside, which is why you should always wear protective gear when doing some electrical work in your residence. More to the point if you need some electrical work to be done, it would be a good idea to call in the professionals and get them to look it over rather than attempt it yourself.

These are some of the positives and negatives associated with electricity and on the whole, it may seem that the positives outweigh the negatives. It should be pointed out that if power plants continue burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, the earth as a whole is living on borrowed time.  It is going to be only a matter of few decades before global warming becomes worse, and if current trends continue, that scenario may not be that far removed from reality either.

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Positive and negative aspects of Snapchat

Even if you do not use Snapchat, there is a fair likelihood that there are people around you that are addicted to this app. either way, it is impossible to not know of the Snapchat invasion unless you have been living under a rock, but for the sake of technicality, we will give a brief overview anyway. Snapchat is a multimedia mobile application that supports image sending to contacts, and is mostly beloved by the young and old for its many filters. In 2013, Snapchat released reports that stated that a staggering number of school and college students, and young office goers use the application every day. Naturally, with so much scope, the app is receiving a lot of attention from social scientists as well, with studies mainly focusing on the positive and negative aspects of Snapchat. In this article, we will look at both sides.

Positive and negative aspects of Snapchat

Positive aspects of Snapchat:

Let us begin with the reasons Snapchat is loved for.

Easy instant messaging

Snapchat, in its core, is just another instant messaging application that does not use any extra money or encroaches into your main balance. That makes it ideal for everyone, especially in this day and age when friends and family live far away from each other and there is hardly any time to go visit them or meet up with them. All you need to do is have some data on your mobile or be connected to WiFi, and you will be able to connect instantly with friends and family irrespective of which part of the world they belong to. The best part is, you not only get to send text messages, but see their faces at the same time. So, you don’t have to spend a truckload of money making international calls.

Make memories instantly

Snapchat has given new meaning to memories. You no longer have to capture photos and wait to send them in an email or through a cloud link later on- you can take a picture and sent it instantly through Snapchat. Every time you send a picture to someone on Snapchat, you can choose the option to save the photo as well, so that you don’t miss out any of these memories later on. This way, you can share events with friends and family in real time- while you are getting ready for your wedding, while you are about to climb a mountain, or while you are getting your new pet home.

Stay safe

This real time factor has more far reaching implications than just the preservation of memories. If you feel unsafe while traveling late at night, all you have to do is Snapchat message a picture of the area you are in, and your loved ones will stay updated of your whereabouts. You can do the same during a blind date or while meeting someone new for work. Snapchat indeed helps you a lot to stay safe if you use it the right way.

Negative aspects of Snapchat:

But of course, it is all about how you use it, and Snapchat does have a few downsides as well.

Unethical use of photos

To continue with the safety issue, Snapchat can indeed pose some problems with safety in the wrong hands. To be fair, each snap that you send or receive is only visible for 10 seconds, but that does not stop the use with the intent to do so from taking a screenshot of the image and saving it on their phones. Cyber bullying is a very real and dangerous thing in today’s society, and using compromising photos and creating fake accounts with licentious content is a very common way of harassing someone online. Many people to this exact same thing to harass or blackmail people they have a bone to pick with. For this reason, it is imperative that one sends photos with discretion.

Unrealistic expectations of life

Snapchat can, like any other photo sharing social media application, become a cause of jealousy and unhealthy expectations from life. No one is likely to share a photo, be it in real time or otherwise, of the worst or even average moments. The pictures that are sent over Snapchat are always those where the sender is enjoying themselves. Some of these pictures can actually be quite misleading, and create a sense of envy and inadequacy in the recipient, who might feel that they are not being able to live up to the general standards.

With the invention and invasion of social media websites and applications, life has become very public. It is very easy to get carried away in the fad of presenting the most wonderful moments of your life to the people in your life. Being in the public attention is an inborn desire in all human, and apps like Snapchat fuel that desire. However, it is important to remember that there is nothing better than discretion and safety. Snapchat is merely an application; whether it is good or bad depends entirely on how it is being used.