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Positive and negative effects of drugs

Drugs are chemicals that are consumed or introduced to the body aiming at physiological effects. They are the core substance of the medical sector and are a blessing to mankind. It can perform a number of tasks, like inducing stupor, unconsciousness, antibiotics, etc.
However, presently, drugs are being taken by humans for purposes other than medication. Young adults of our society have found a new way of inducing pleasure – by getting addicted to these drugs. Also, some “good drugs” may have side effects that are worse than the persisting ailment. Hence, drugs should only be taken after consulting a physician – or else the consumer is at the mercy of his own mistakes.
One thing that is very clear at the beginning of this discussion is that every drug has been made with a purpose to ease human unease. It is we, the humans, who have found ways to misuse them.
So, are drugs a boon to the society, or a bane?

Positive and negative effects of drugs

Positive effects of drugs

• They cure diseases!
Drugs have numerous positive effects. In fact, all of our medicines are drugs. Cancers and other fatal diseases were impossible to cure before the discovery of drugs like taxol and cisplatin. The wonders drugs have done in the world of medication is indescribable in a few words.

• They make pain bearable.
Drugs having a sedative effect often help patients cope with nail-biting pain and assist doctors to carry on surgical procedures. Pain-killers are a huge discovery that is, until today, the sole basis of ease to patients. Aspirin cures headaches and is a wonder in the case of inflammation.

• They create research and job opportunities
With the rise in drug intake, more and more manufacturing companies are coming up with hundreds of job opportunities. Research scientists are also always on the lookout to find something better than what exists.

• Helps people escape reality
One cannot argue, legal or not, drugs are the best way to escape reality and have a little relaxation period. Along with being a stress buster, it has also been proven to be a performance enhancer. Once on drugs, some people have reported a heightened view of the world as a glorious place. Your mood, creativity, confidence, self-confidence, and perception of life can reach a whole new level with correct administration of drugs.

Echoing Edgar Allan Poe, “I have absolutely no pleasure in the stimulants in which I sometimes so madly indulge. It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom.”

Negative effects of drugs

• Drug abuse
Drug abuse refers to the point where a person starts taking drugs without a physician’s guidance and in order to experience pleasure. As drugs induce a feeling of getting “high”, drug abuse is a very common problem today. It has ended in fatality for many unfortunate souls.

• Addiction
Followed by drug abuse, people start getting addicted to drugs. It isn’t uncommon, really! The levels of dopamine released when we take drugs are enough to make our body crave for more. If we give in to the cravings, we are gone – life starts having a singular meaning, “drugs”. As we know, all sorts of addictions are bad for health, so are drugs!

• Legal problems
Often, drugs that are consumed for pleasure are illegal. Also, consumption of drugs is prohibited in many workplaces. Driving and roaming in public under the influence of drugs can also lead to legal action.

• Side effects
Many times, even after a physician’s guidance, drugs may lead to adverse side effects. After all, drugs are chemical substances and not natural. When chemicals infuse with our body, they may spark mutations and problems that may cause various diseases and other problems.

• Money wastage
When addicted, drugs can lead you to money wastage. You start investing all your money and time into drugs. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends. You start going down in debts and losing everything. Your work, home, and health start getting affected – to stabilize which you invest even more money!

To end with, I’ll quote Frank Zappa from The Real Frank Zappa book, “A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.”

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Positive and negative effects of culture

Culture refers to the demonstrations like music and dance that are a part of the humans’ intellectual achievement. It varies from region to region, country to country, community to community and people to people. This collective term is a way to describe the ethnic as well as modern cultures of a place; it is a name given to a collection of arts and traditions. In fact, cultures are helpful in building up nations as well as in their division, culture was supposed to be the dividing line between states and countries.

It is known to be a thing to preserve. People strive to hold on to their culture, especially in this era of a fast paced lifestyle. Today, where cults are appearing and disappearing at the blink of an eye, it is hard to follow the old world cultures. There are a number of odd reasons leading up to the previous sentence I wrote, however I’d leave its discussion for some other post.

Though cultural activities are important, there’s a certain limit that one should stretch themselves up to. There are a number of reasons why people choose to detach themselves from their cultural backgrounds. We shall discuss this in the following paragraphs; however, one must understand that it is very difficult to differentiate the positives and negatives of “culture”, as a broad category. If we were to talk about some specific culture, it would have been much easier to follow the division of “good” and “bad”.

Positive and Negative effects of culture

Positive impacts of Culture

Culture is a way to differentiate between groups and the very fact that knowing these difference different groups choose to accept and live with each other is positive. To know different cultures and to evolve in a manner different from one’s neighboring state gives one the ability to be adaptive and better at socializing. It helps an individual, and the world on a whole, to understand different perspectives regarding an issue. Culture leads to broad mindedness. To prove this, I’d like to cite the example of Indian history, of an era which was ruled by the Mughals. The rulers in that period who encouraged art are recorded as the best loved ones and are known to keep their kingdoms in the most peaceful manner possible, as opposed to rulers who had no love for cultural settlement. Jahangir and Shah Jahan are shining examples to stand opposite Aurangzeb who led to the eventual decline of the Mughal rule.

Another positive factor of culture is that it initiates the wheels of tradition, an important part of human history.
Culture also imbeds the qualities of respect, communication, participation and creativity amongst the people. When surrounded by people who respect you and can communicate with you, you are saved from depression and loneliness. Also, surrounded by people who care and encourage can help one sharpen their talents to degrees unfathomable.

Negative Impacts of Culture

Since culture is a phenomenon, a process, there is little negative to say about it. However, the product this process leads to may be highly negative.

Culture is known to be profoundly negative in places where the diversity of cultures is not celebrated. Discrimination and wars based on cultures are the sole purpose they are deemed as “not so positive”. When isolated and alone amongst people of an alien culture, a person goes through what is termed as “cultural shock”. Now this can have loads of negative effects of the person in question. Frustration, loneliness, homesickness and linguistic chauvinism may be the results of cultural shock. One may even resort to criticizing and defaming the culture of the host region and be succumbed to sadness, depression, withdrawal and bad sleep cycles. Eventually, all this may lead to physical damages like body aches and inability to function normally.

Sometimes, a region may take up a negative culture, or may take up some negative activities in the name of “culture” that may include exclusion of several castes (like the old Britain), defensiveness and violence (you can see a hint of it in the incident where an American shot down an immigrant, yelling at the top of his voice GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY), unnecessary criticism (like those thrown at Islamic girls for adopting “dancing” as their interest), and open contempt.

It would be fitting to end this article with a line by Paulo Coelho:
“Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbor is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions.”

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Positive and negative effects of communication

The use of technology has prevailed and proved out to be one of the best blessings to the human mankind till date. The same technology has given rise to the communication era which has been seen changing its entire face from the past few years. We started with the simple landline telephones which worked on the wired mechanisms. Coming all the way from the telephone age, we have now reached video calling and instant messaging. Communication technology has evolved in a great way and it still on the track of improvement.

Adding to this, communication media and technology has made our lives so easier. People sitting across the oceans can now contact each other in a second. With voice communication, you can use voice calling, voice messaging over the internet. For messaging, there are a number of online applications and social platforms that allow us to pursue that with at most ease. For video calling again, there are numerous applications and online services that connect you with your loved ones through the internet.

But is this communication technology as heavenly as it sounds? There have been found negative effects to every such blessing. However, the positive ones can still not be compared to the cons of it.

The positive and negative effects of communication are mentioned as follows.

Positive and negative effects of communication

Positive effects of Communication:

The positive effects of communication are stated as follows.

  • Communication across large distances made easier: We all are familiar with the ease of communicating with people, regardless of the distance between them. But not only communication technology has made it easier, but faster too. We can now instantly communicate to anyone without putting in much effort. You don’t need to wait for hours or days for a reply. With the internet applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, you can easily communicate to anyone across the oceans without waiting.
  • Positive effects on social lives: Socializing is the key to create and maintain a healthy society. Communication has a great role to play here. The lives of people have been made easier as the latest technology trends have made the process of socializing very easy and straightforward. With the help of such communication media, we can easily deal with the everyday tasks and routines. People can now communicate plans and ideas over the internet and socialize like a pro through the numerous platforms meant for the same.
  • Mass communication made easier: Communication is not only restricted to the individual level. For example, sending a single informational mail or newsletter to a large number of people is hectic if it is to be done one at a time. However, the mass communication has been made easier through the communication technology where multiple communication options are also available that save time and efforts.
  • A help to the physically challenged users: Not many people are aware of this but communication technology has surely helped the physically challenged lot in an impressive way. Many specialized software has been developed and various communication boards have been invented that have proved to be a great medium of communication to such people.

Negative effects of Communication

The negative effects of communication have been stated as follows.

  • Negative effects on health: Communication is surely one of the blessings of our society. However, the present time is seeing an enormous number of people getting addicted to such communication media and technology. The use of smartphones, internet etc. has become completely insane and people can be seen highly addicted to them all the time. Such addiction poses a health risk on the users as excessive use of cell-phones can cause headaches. The radiations that a cell phone emits is very harmful to the eyes and the brain and causes adverse effects on them. It is always advisable to keep the use of such communication media to the minimum.
  • Spending too much time over the Communication technology: With the introduction of various social media platforms and the various services they offer, people are often seen clinging onto one or the other social media website or application. They tend to spend too much socializing online that they tend to forget the real world around them.
  • Misusing the communication technology: Many people out there have made communication as a source to perform illegal activities by misusing its resources. Things such as hacking, bullying over the internet and other cyber crimes have become a common phenomenon. This greatly affects the safety factor of the people in a negative way and poses a threat to privacy of an individual.
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Positive and negative effects of bullying

Almost every one of us have been bullied once in our lifetime. And to state it honestly, it’s one of the most horrible experiences during the school days. Bullies can be spotted everywhere and their victims sure face a hard time dealing with them. Bullying is a way some powerful students take to pick on the weaker ones to have some fun. While it may be a lot of fun for the bullies, for the victim it is nothing less than a nightmare if they are not able to deal with it properly.

Bullying has been seen as a very negative thing in our society. If you ask someone to state some positive points for it, they won’t be able to think of many. Bullying has been stated as a downright disgusting act by many and is never good, as is believed by many. Weaker students are always picked on by the stronger ones in the playground and teachers are always rushing down to solve their matters and make the bullying stop. Bullying sure has a lot of negative effects on the children.

But if we look on the brighter side, bullying is not all that bad, till the extent it is not done in extremes. Extreme level of bullying is definitely hazardous but up to a playful level, it can actually prove out to be good for the kids. This point is difficult to accept but we can still find some positive effects of it.

The various positive and negative effects of bullying have been stated as follows.

Positive and negative effects of bullying

Positive effect of bullying

The positive effects of bullying are mentioned as follows.

  • It makes the students strong:

The students who face bullying at a young age have been seen to develop their strength towards challenging matters. When students deal with the bullies, they get used to take insults and learn how to take your own stand under difficult conditions. It makes them mentally strong and they are not easily let down by difficult people ever again in their life.

  • They learn the way of managing disputes by themselves:

Victims of bullies have to fall in various disputes with their bullies. More than any teacher or parent that would try to help them, the most help they can get is by themselves. Bullying in this way helps the students to develop a level of understanding as to how they need to deal with such disputes and their bullies so as to keep everything in line.

  • It improves their interaction ability:

Bullying helps the victims to improve their interaction ability. When students deal with the bullies in order to confront them, they again understand the way of talking to them in order to defend themselves. Sometimes, bullies and victims end up becoming friends for life and these things help them in having a better interaction.

Negative effects of bullying

The negative effects of bullying are mentioned as follows.

  • Feeling disconnected:

Students who are bullied are ought to feel disconnected from other students at the school. Generally, when some is bullied a lot, all other students cease to be around them or to be friends with them. This makes them feel disconnected from the school and they no longer like going to the school.

  • Negative impact on academics and personal growth:

Bullying can take up a lot out of its victim. Students who are not able to deal with bullying develop stress and are not able to concentrate in their studies. Academic results seem to drop and they may have lower attendance and lower personal growth.

  • No friends:

Students generally avoid being friends with the victim of bullying. This results in the victim getting deprived of some quality friendships at school which causes him to experience loneliness and unhappiness of all sorts.

  • Lower self-esteem:

Bullying ca tragically result in the victim developing a lower level of self-esteem. They tend to believe in the remarks imposed upon them by the bullies and lose all their self-confidence. This causes a very negative effect on their personal values, disturbing their mind and lifestyle.

  • Developing depression and anxiety:

Most students are not able to deal with the bullying and end up taking everything very seriously. This leads to depression and feeling of anxiety among students at a very tender age.

  • Nightmares:

Some students are so affected by all this that they begin to experience nightmares. They fear their bullies a lot and are unable to be at peace in their minds.

  • Suicides:

When bullying is taken to an extreme level, many students commit suicide which is worst of the negative effects of bullying.

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Positive and negative effects of tourism

The marketable organization and procedure of holidays and visits to places of significance is known as tourism. It is a very profitable business which has enriched the knowledge of mankind in several ways. However, they have a number of drawbacks! Tourism is beneficial when it is done not in the cost of the environment, but in careful harmony with it. When man’s greed to acquire money exceeds its conscious, tourism becomes a harmful game for the host as well as the guests. It is a boon for rural areas and developing countries, but mass tourism can prove to be a bane as well! Let’s find out, in detail, what the pros and cons of tourism are.

Positive and Negative effects of tourism

Positive effects of Tourism

Employment and economy progress a great deal through tourism. Jobs are generated, not only in the tourism sector, but also in the manufacturing sectors and its like. Small scale industries get the much needed boost and appreciation due to tourism and handicraft also flourishes. When people directly in the tourism sector earn, they spend on other goods and services which is known as the “multiplier effect”. A lot of alternate employment opportunities like security guards, tourist guides, etc are born due to tourism.

When local crafts and arts are given a boost, the local heritage and culture is preserved. This is a very positive global effect. Eventually, the infrastructure of the locality changes and betters. This helps raise the standard of living in the tourist spot. Also, when hosts and guests interact, a worldwide exchange of lifestyles and understanding of cultures takes place.

Through this change in the level of understanding, awareness regarding poverty, wildlife abuse and illiteracy is raised. The whole world pools in to make a section of our society better. This way, funds are collected for environmental undertakings and animal care.

So, apart from creating jobs for local people and giving a boost to the economy of the host locality by increasing their income, tourism assists in protecting the village services’ welfare like the bus services and post offices, in promoting local crafts and in preserving the wildlife and scenic beauty of a place.

Negative Effects of tourism

Terrorists, natural disasters and economic recession seem to hit the tourist spots hardest. Also, the work provided by the tourism industry is seasonal, therefore making people lazy as well as utterly dependent. A lot of funds are drained out through hotel chains and other such multi nationals.

It isn’t a surprise that tourism causes irreparable damage to tourist spots. Though measures are being taken to curb obnoxious activities, yet constructions done and a lot of crowd drawn is doing more harm than good to the wildlife of a specific region.

Another major problem is the increase in crime rate. Problems like child labor, drugs, alcohol, smuggling and prostitution often rise in areas that are inhabited by tourists. Tourists are always known to be well spending; hence such expensive racquets are on the rise in tourist spots.

While tourism does give us amenities that we would otherwise lack, it takes away the real essence of the place. The natural beauty of the tourist spot is somewhat subdued by tourism. For example, hotels often provide all sorts of food to their customers. This leads to the customers choosing something they’re habituated too instead of going in for something new and locale. This keeps the tourists from experiencing the real place.

Another problem is the corrosion of traditional values. For example, due to western influence, people in India are forgetting their traditions and are keener on following their steps to become seemingly “cool”. Like girls in India prefer roaming about in hot pants rather than their traditional salwar kameez. Though it has a certain amount of comfort attached to it, girls who were supposed to know how to tie saris at 12 don’t know the same at the age of 20! There, of course, is no issue in girls wearing pants, but they must not forget how to adorn their traditional clothes.
The area of tourism is often subjected to congestion, pollution and overcrowding. This harms the local people. Also, along with people of the foreign land, diseases of the foreign land migrate to the tourist spots, bringing about epidemics which can be fatal.

To bring out the stark reality and actuality in the problems stated above, I’d quote Henning Mankell,
“Go to Mozambique! As long as you don’t expect to find flawless infrastructure, just go. Because this is a country where people have not quite grown accustomed to tourists. You still feel a genuineness that no longer exists in countries where tourism has been industrially developed.”
It shows the amount of damage done, it’s time to stop.

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Positive and negative effects of politics

In any country, Politics are a major part of its development and history. Without a well organized political system, a country is unlikely to develop and stand through the challenges that surround its progress. Political leaders and motivators are the some of the important persons that run and maintain a political system of a country. Being an important part of a country, it needs to be very well focused towards the nation’s progress and the betterment of its people.

But does the whole political scenario always does good for a country? What if the leaders aren’t worth it? What if the system breaks down due to some illegal actions or discrepancies. What kind of effects would it then be resurrecting on a country?

These questions can have many answers. Since there are both positive and negative effects of Politics on a country and society. These points have been detailed as follows.

Positive and negative effects of politics

Positive effects of Politics

  • Democracy – One of the very important reasons that we’re even concerned about the political system is the Democracy. Democracy can be defined as a form of government which is being followed presently. In the earlier times, it was Aristocracy that followed. A very positive effect of the political system has been that it has brought the concept of democracy in our world. It is undoubtedly the best form of government which brings fairness of choices to every one alike.
  • Right to Vote – It is because of the political system that in India, every person above 18 years of age holds an equal right to vote regardless of their caste or creed. This quite nicely promotes the equality idea that we work on. The politics in this sense produces and equal opportunity for all the citizens of a country and an equal right to participate in the elections as well.
  • Regional Political Parties – It is often seen that some areas or regions of a country do not get enough attention due to some or the other reason. To affix this, a lot of regional parties originate as a result of politics. These regional parties are successful in attracting attention to their regions and make amendments. This way, all the regions come under the eye and equal development can be achieved for the whole country. Plus, regional parties increase the political competition and the chance of emerging of some great leaders.

Negative effects of Politics:

  • Dynasty politics –One of the most negative things about politics is that it follows the dynasty nature. A maximum chunk of Indian Politicians with MPs has previous connections to politics. As a result of this, other leaders don’t get a chance. This serves as impartiality in Politics which is a very negative point.
  • Corruption – A word with which everyone today is familiar with. Thanks to the politics, it has been quite deep rooted in the present culture. This is nothing but a result of negative politics when leaders try to use politics as a reason to draw in all the money for themselves. This is done by many and is unfortunately the worst effect of politics.
  • Pricing of votes – Democracy may promote an equal right to everyone to vote. But looking on the negative side, most votes today are bought. Setting a price on the votes, they are easily bought and favored under with the help of a few pricy notes. Not only foes this promotes corruption, but also granting of power to undeserving leaders.
  • Cynicism – Politics have surely introduced basic human rights such as the RTI (Right to Information). But it is hardly used, thanks to the political threats and all the run-through. The negative effect of politics ponders over the people and they are drawn to the fearful side where the RTI cannot be used by a common man.
  • Power to the powerful – Politics is the dirt land where the powerful holds all the power and the common man holds all the sufferings. Politicians and people belonging to strong political backgrounds and families hold all the power and can most likely make anything happen. Amidst all of this, the common man is bound to suffer. This is one of the worst negative effect of the politics.
  • No general participation – It can be very well seen that people and politicians never interact apart from the time of elections. Being a negative thing, this is also the most obvious reasons why people and politicians do not mix. There’s no sharing of ideas or insights and both are unaware of each other’s actions or needs.
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Positive and negative effects of stress

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”
– Valerie Bertinelli

Stress, the least favorite of all emotions, is something experienced by each individual at some point in their lives. A man could have died before finding his love, but not before facing stress.

Stress can be defined, echoing the oxford dictionary, as “a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy”. Horrendous as it sounds, it has its own merits. Hans Seley, the man to define stress for the first time, differentiated between the good and the bad stress. He called the good stress “eustress” while the bad stress remained “stress”.

You can detect if you’re experiencing unhealthy levels of stress. If you are unable to complete tasks and your attention span has shortened, you catch colds more often, have body aches and diseases, headaches, short tempered and have trouble sleeping or sleep too much, don’t feel like eating or eat too much and are always at your nerves ends – assuming these are not the traits you were born with – you are definitely experiencing loads of stress.
The positive and negative impacts of this emotional state are discussed below.

Positive and negative effects of stress
Positive effects of stress

According to experts, stress is the best motivation in the world. Stress helps to meet deadlines and accomplish goals. Stress in a small dose is extremely beneficial in helping you achieve the impossible.

Stress activates several mechanisms in our body, a stronger memory being one of them. The most important, however, is the fight or flight mechanisms. As soon as our body detects stress, it starts producing chemicals like epinephrine and cortisol which eventually improves our focus. An increased heart rate and sweating is accompanied by the senses to pull your hand back when you touch something hot. The brain is programmed to work better, both emotionally and physically, under moderate amounts of stress. So a little amount of stress in necessary in one’s life. It helps us protect ourselves from the dangers of the outside world. The instincts to duck out a ball hurled your way or to jump out of the range of a rashly driven vehicle is often initiated because of stress.

A moderate level of stress also contributes towards an improved immune system.

So it doesn’t really hurt to be a little stressed at times. Good stress or eustress is a motivator, cognitive enhancer as well as a physical enhancer. Loads of stress, however, is a whole new story. We should definitely not harbor stress in our minds for a prolonged period.

Negative effects of stress

Higher levels of stress decrease the immunity of the body. Fatigue and depression start creeping in. Too much of epinephrine is harmful for the heart. This leads to anxiety attacks and heart disorders.

One may start facing a loss of appetite or an increase in hunger. This decreases the glow of one’s skin and results in him/ her loosing or gaining weight, which is extremely harmful for their metabolism.

One may also develop insomnia. Dark circles would be the least of their problems when fatigue takes a toll. A lack of concentration will be inevitable.

Anger, fear and insecurities start creeping in due to stress which results in an increased amount of epinephrine to be released. Apart from this, hydro-cortisone is also released in our blood. All these factors play up to create a chaos of the body’s homeostasis.

It is extremely harmful for the body as it causes an increasing in our pulse rate. We also tend to sweat and breath faster. Stress can lead to problems like asthma, headaches, backaches, diabetes; heart attacks an can even prove to be carcinogenic. It can cause depression whereby one may attempt suicide, in other words, stress can cause death.


As humans, it is our duty to be considerate towards one another. Pressure at work and school are the top factors causing stress in our society. But it isn’t healthy to harbor this pressure for prolonged periods. It is our duty to look into our well being and discard stress related issues as trivial.

As Hans Seley puts it, “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. It’s not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it. Man should not try to avoid stress any more than he would shun food, love or exercise.”

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