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Positive and negative effects of electricity

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when you did not have electricity and instead had to opt for beeswax candles or light a lamp to read anything at night. Electricity has become ingrained and is part of modern life that it is hard to even imagine going without it for days on end. In the end, it is all about adaptation and one thing’s for sure – mankind sure adapted to electricity and its varied usages, quite fast. Some of the positive and negative effects of electricity are posted below for reference.

Positive and negative effects of electricity

Positive effects of electricity:

While it could be argued that Edison discovered electricity that would take a wide stretch of the imagination for it was Benjamin Franklin to whom this honor goes for he did spend a lot of time researching electricity and ionic charges. We have indeed come a long way since the days of flying kites to gauge any electrical impact, and today, our entire economy depends on electricity to a large extent.

Industry: Nearly all industries require electricity to function at full efficiency and it is because of electricity that most of them are able to meet the current demands placed on them by an ever-growing population. While all industries from heavy industries to even traditional one’s relay on electricity to a large extent, the fact remains that the industries remain the same as they did, pre-electricity but they have indeed grown both in scope and size.

Essential services: Whichever essential service you pick from water supplies to plasma production centers, you will find that they all run based on electricity. In fact, even your solar power heater would still require some electricity to get powered up to function seamlessly.  Given this, you may want to thank your stars that you are born in an age where electricity is not a one-off phenomenon but an essential part of daily life on this planet.

Energy: Thanks to electricity, you can now warm your homes to a cozy temperature even as a winter storm rages on the outside. Electricity provides you with the required energy you need to utilize various services, operate your machines and even to make coffee. It is an integral part of your daily life which is why imagining one without electricity in it is hard to even imagine.

Negative effects of electricity:

Like everything else, there’s the flip side to electricity – check out below.

Environment: One of the downsides to electricity is the way it is generated. Usually, electricity was generated through Coal which as a fossil fuel was pivotal in releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If this was not bad enough, a few power plants started burning biomass as a way to generate electricity and this resulted in a buildup of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Both of these heavily contribute to global warming. While you can obtain electricity from renewable sources like wind and water, the process is expensive and at times, even cost prohibitive.

The electric chair: While this cannot, on the whole, be construed as one of the negative of electricity, it is but thanks to Edison and his invention that man finally had the means to officially execute a large number of human beings. While it was often touted as the humane way to kill someone, which is moronic, to say the least, the process is anything but humane and certainly excruciating for the victim.

Accidents: While the principles of electricity have been widely understood and it has a wide range of applications in today’s society, it should still be pointed out that electricity kills more people than most natural disasters. Even touching an exposed wire for just a second is enough to fry you on the inside, which is why you should always wear protective gear when doing some electrical work in your residence. More to the point if you need some electrical work to be done, it would be a good idea to call in the professionals and get them to look it over rather than attempt it yourself.

These are some of the positives and negatives associated with electricity and on the whole, it may seem that the positives outweigh the negatives. It should be pointed out that if power plants continue burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, the earth as a whole is living on borrowed time.  It is going to be only a matter of few decades before global warming becomes worse, and if current trends continue, that scenario may not be that far removed from reality either.

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Negative effects of B type personality

 It’s been the norm for a while, but most companies today, insist on their prospective employees taking a personality test, in order to gauge whether they are A type, or B type personality. While this may seem inane, most companies insist on the same for a very specific purpose. The fact remains that most people belong to these two types, with type A being more aggressive and a problem solver. Companies utilize this information to gauge the abilities and personalities of prospective employees in order to see their profile would be a good match for their current requirements. Type B personality generally denotes an easy going manner, one who is more of an extrovert and less stressed; one who is able to handle situations on the fly, so as to speak. However, there are a few negative side tones to this particular grouping, do check below for more information.

Negative effects of B type personality

  • Procrastinate: Most B personality types tend to procrastinate; and in a corporate set up, it is essential that all the work is done as per schedule and deliverables executed on time. While we may all procrastinate from time to time, B personality types tend to rush in all the work at the very last minute, resulting in error and late deliveries. In fact, they would be hard pressed to even meet simple goals on time.
  • Moody: While on the outset, B personality types are often considered to be emotionally stable, they have this tendency to become moody and reflective from time to time. While this is not earth shattering on its own, it can be a crimp in a party setting. They tend to be quite expressive over their inner emotions and generally tend to display the same, which results in these mood swings.
  • Casual: One of the good and negative characterizations of the B personality types is the fact that they are too easy going and hardly get stressed about anything. The problem though is that B personality types take casual into a new art form, by refusing to take anything seriously. They dress the part and in this case casual, and pay scant regard for office policies. They are often criticized for taking the term ‘casual’ to a whole new level and their refusal to take anything seriously can actually impede their promotion in an office setting for the simple reason that their ‘casual’ attitude is often widely perceived as being ‘non serious’. In other words, most B personality types are not thought to be decisive which can act as an impediment when it comes to promotions and giving a kick start to their career.

These are some of the negative effects of a B type personality; in case you want to know more, you can always take a personality test and learn more about yourself. In the end, irrespective of what personality you may be, you are who you are because of your principles and your roots. You are what you are meant to be and it is up  to you to handle those flaws and convert the same into strengths.

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Positive and negative effects of capitalism

Capitalism could be defined as the economic policy of a country that allows the people to have their own private property. The right to gain and build your own wealth and compete in the market with others falls under the prominent characteristic of capitalism. This system backs the society and encourage the people to be a promising part in the economy of the country. This unique feature of capitalism is one of its own way and holds an important position in deciding and turning the tables of growth of a nation as a whole. In a more broader sense, the distinctive features could be explained as the presence of lack of government invention, means of production completely owned by the private firms without any powerful role of government authorities and many more. But as it is known to all, everything has its own impact on others. Capitalism too have positive as well as negative impact on the people, society as well as the nation. In this write up, you will find subsequently interesting facts that gives you a clear insight of how capitalism holds different segments of pros and cons altogether on the economy of the country.

Positive and negative effects of capitalism

Positive effects of Capitalism:

To start with the positive effects of capitalism, we would start with the following points:

  1. Freedom: The most important positive influence of Capitalism on the country is that the economic freedom given to the people will relate to the political freedom of the country. It can further initiate the process of transparency and growth to all as a whole.
  2. Efficiency: With the growth of capitalism, efficiency will surely increase in all the sectors. The nation will grow with the progress of its people. Efficiency is measured by the efforts of the people and the contribution of the them in the society.
  3. Innovation: The innovation of the thoughts comes with the combined efforts of the people. Capitalism is a fruitful barrier that makes it easy to let people come forward and bring the innovative ideas in the front of all, that helps in building the economy of the country.
  4. Economic Growth: For a country to grow, economy standards of the country plays an important role. With capitalism, you get a freedom to make yourself, family, society as well as the nation to grow with a great influential economic growth of the country.
  5. Democracy: The freedom to perform actions, invest independently are the strong pillars that describes the democracy of a nation. Capitalism hence, plays an influential role in placing democratic rights for all.

All these above discussed factors, very wisely depicts the idea of capitalism and how it influences the people and the nation in a positive manner.

Negative effects of Capitalism:

With the positive entity, here comes few of the negative impacts of Capitalism, that are necessary to be discussed briefly, before coming out for a conclusion about Capitalism usefulness.

  1. Monopoly Power: Sometimes, capitalism do encourage the concept of inequality and hence a monopoly power came into picture and suppresses the workers.
  2. Ignorance in social benefit: A free market concept, supported by Capitalism can be harmful to the society equal rights. It can disturb the equilibrium of equal rights, often supported by the society.
  3. Inherited wealth and its inequalities: The inequality of social benefits may give rise to the inequality and disproportionate results of wealth distribution among all. Rich people became richer whereas the poor sections of the society often keeps on struggling for their basics as they were not inherited with a good wealth as compared to the other rich people.
  4. Social division: Capitalism may bring the huge social division among the different sectors of the society. The two major sections that comes into influence with capitalism are richer and poorer sections of the society.
  5. Cyclical Downturns: Capitalism can introduce to the major fluctuations in the business and it might can support the introduction of recession, unemployment and many other downturns that can impact the people.


Keeping the pros and cons associated with Capitalism in mind, we can say that it plays an interesting role in building the economy of the country and should be considered as a major name in the progressive approach but at the same time, keeping the control over the cons and minimizing them to the best by implementing effective strategies could help the nation, society to grow flawlessly. The growth should come from all the sections of society.

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Positive and negative aspects of Snapchat

Even if you do not use Snapchat, there is a fair likelihood that there are people around you that are addicted to this app. either way, it is impossible to not know of the Snapchat invasion unless you have been living under a rock, but for the sake of technicality, we will give a brief overview anyway. Snapchat is a multimedia mobile application that supports image sending to contacts, and is mostly beloved by the young and old for its many filters. In 2013, Snapchat released reports that stated that a staggering number of school and college students, and young office goers use the application every day. Naturally, with so much scope, the app is receiving a lot of attention from social scientists as well, with studies mainly focusing on the positive and negative aspects of Snapchat. In this article, we will look at both sides.

Positive and negative aspects of Snapchat

Positive aspects of Snapchat:

Let us begin with the reasons Snapchat is loved for.

Easy instant messaging

Snapchat, in its core, is just another instant messaging application that does not use any extra money or encroaches into your main balance. That makes it ideal for everyone, especially in this day and age when friends and family live far away from each other and there is hardly any time to go visit them or meet up with them. All you need to do is have some data on your mobile or be connected to WiFi, and you will be able to connect instantly with friends and family irrespective of which part of the world they belong to. The best part is, you not only get to send text messages, but see their faces at the same time. So, you don’t have to spend a truckload of money making international calls.

Make memories instantly

Snapchat has given new meaning to memories. You no longer have to capture photos and wait to send them in an email or through a cloud link later on- you can take a picture and sent it instantly through Snapchat. Every time you send a picture to someone on Snapchat, you can choose the option to save the photo as well, so that you don’t miss out any of these memories later on. This way, you can share events with friends and family in real time- while you are getting ready for your wedding, while you are about to climb a mountain, or while you are getting your new pet home.

Stay safe

This real time factor has more far reaching implications than just the preservation of memories. If you feel unsafe while traveling late at night, all you have to do is Snapchat message a picture of the area you are in, and your loved ones will stay updated of your whereabouts. You can do the same during a blind date or while meeting someone new for work. Snapchat indeed helps you a lot to stay safe if you use it the right way.

Negative aspects of Snapchat:

But of course, it is all about how you use it, and Snapchat does have a few downsides as well.

Unethical use of photos

To continue with the safety issue, Snapchat can indeed pose some problems with safety in the wrong hands. To be fair, each snap that you send or receive is only visible for 10 seconds, but that does not stop the use with the intent to do so from taking a screenshot of the image and saving it on their phones. Cyber bullying is a very real and dangerous thing in today’s society, and using compromising photos and creating fake accounts with licentious content is a very common way of harassing someone online. Many people to this exact same thing to harass or blackmail people they have a bone to pick with. For this reason, it is imperative that one sends photos with discretion.

Unrealistic expectations of life

Snapchat can, like any other photo sharing social media application, become a cause of jealousy and unhealthy expectations from life. No one is likely to share a photo, be it in real time or otherwise, of the worst or even average moments. The pictures that are sent over Snapchat are always those where the sender is enjoying themselves. Some of these pictures can actually be quite misleading, and create a sense of envy and inadequacy in the recipient, who might feel that they are not being able to live up to the general standards.

With the invention and invasion of social media websites and applications, life has become very public. It is very easy to get carried away in the fad of presenting the most wonderful moments of your life to the people in your life. Being in the public attention is an inborn desire in all human, and apps like Snapchat fuel that desire. However, it is important to remember that there is nothing better than discretion and safety. Snapchat is merely an application; whether it is good or bad depends entirely on how it is being used.

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Positive and negative effects of joining a sorority

Sorority is an organization which performs philanthropic activities. It is common in western countries including United States, Canada, and France. The members join the sorority during their graduation period and retain the membership for life. Their purpose of joining is upholding the ideas, values, and spirit of the organization and spread the same among the communities. A sorority is an advanced version of Greek Letter Organization (GLO), which constituted either male or female members and had Greek lifestyle and related symbol for the organization. Today, a sorority allows membership to both men and women and people consider it beneficial in their college, career, and professional life. Though a sorority grants numerous benefits, its popularity is going downward following criticism regarding illegal and vicious activities.

Positive and negative effects of joining a sorority

Positive effects of joining a sorority:

A sorority prospers professional and social life of an individual.

Encourage philanthropic activities

A large donation is common among sororities. By joining a sorority, an individual learns the ways of contributing to the society and create a change. Philanthropic activities performed by a sorority turns a member into a moral, practical, and responsible person. It instills the value of social service in the members and makes them worthy citizens of a country and mankind.

Make sociable

A foremost benefit of joining a sorority is an extended network of friends. This reason encourages students in a college to join the organization. Several events and parties allow members to know each other and share their values and experiences. Joining a sorority diminishes the occurrence of a social isolation and keep members engaged in an activity or event.

Academic benefits

A fine mental and physical health are crucial for an excellent academic result and a sorority provides both. As the members include seniors and juniors, a student can take a help from any member regarding studies. Many sororities in colleges keep a special study period in their schedule where they hold sessions and tutor the members. Studies show that sorority provides a reliable platform to college students for an overall development.

Develop skills

Every new member of a sorority has expectations and a high potential to enhance and search his/her abilities. Sorority provides numerous opportunities to members in upgrading their skills. By performing philanthropic activities, the members learn humane behavior and their responsibilities toward society. Also, organizing an event and serving on different committees helps develop and extend collaboration and leadership skills. Such skills enhancement at an early age boosts decision making in professional and personal life.

Provide career opportunities

A significant advantage of joining a sorority is career opportunities after college. Sorority constitutes members of different age, profession, and background. And while working together, members start to realize the potential of each other. At times, a member (say businessman) may hire another member (a college student) after perceiving his/her performance. Today, every sorority have their websites and pages on social networking sites which keep the audience informed about their work and awardees. These websites help members in achieving recognition and gaining job applications.

Negative effects of joining a sorority:

The negative effects of joining a sorority are rising with the modernity in time.

Involve high expenses

The cost of joining a sorority is huge. At first, the membership fees and dues are approximately 20-25 percent of the tuition fee. Then, the events and activities create a giant hole in the pocket of a member. In addition, the donation is also important for the philanthropic and social service. All these expenses enlarge the trouble a person or a student encounter while meeting necessary expenditure.


Hazing includes activities that new members perform to show their devotion toward a sorority. In ancient time, people took pledges for devoting their mind and body to the sorority. Today, such pledges have taken the form of harassment and abuse. Many reports confirmed deaths following a forced inhumane activity (such as consuming alcohol or drugs) in the name of pledge and sincerity to the sorority.

Restrict interactions

A sorority is popular for social network and friends. But it can limit this network by putting restrictions such as avoiding conversation with members of another group and staying in the sorority they belong. Such constraints may stress a person and diminish the willingness to extend a friend circle.

Disrupt time management

Sorority requires the time commitment from all members. At times, contributing a definite time to the organization in everyday life becomes difficult. A member finds hardship in managing time for family, job, friends, and sorority.

The merits and demerits a person encounters after joining a sorority depend on the nature of the organization. And this nature includes, whether a sorority knows its purpose. In real, a sorority’s core purpose is keeping alive the organization’s values and inculcate the same in new members and every organization must remember this. To avoid an unfavorable outcome, a student or a person must research on the group and apply for the membership, accordingly. Also, the college authorities and municipalities should ensure that every activity or event stays within the law.

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Positive and negative effects of population growth

Here, population growth refers to the increase in the number of individuals across the world. According to a research, the last two centuries witnessed population explosion with the number increasing from 1 billion in the year 1800 to 7.6 billion in 2017 and various studies expect this number to surpass 10 billion post-2050. Prior to the 19th century, people lacked medical facilities and death rates were high. With the advancement of the science and medicines, the death rates declined and high birth rates in the 19th and 20th century led to the population growth. And the same reasons are still keeping the numbers high. While the developed countries have seen low numbers in last few decades, developing and poor countries growth rates are rising. The impact of population growth varies with world region.

Positive and negative effects of population growth

Positive effects of population growth:

Population growth contributes to the new inventions and growth of a country.

Enhances nation security
Today, civilians in several small nations such as South Korea have to carry mandatory military service. To maintain the integrity of a nation during war, the government necessitates these services among public. Such practices do not take place in countries with high population growth. With more civilians at hands, the government gets the opportunity to choose the physically fit soldiers to keep the country secured from external disturbances. In this way, population growth helps in boosting nation’s solidarity.

Technological innovations
High population means the huge number of brains. More demand of every basic necessity in such countries encourages these brains to bring new ideas to fulfill required needs of a nation. Green Revolution in India in the 1970s is a fair example of innovative technology. The increasing food demand led to the invention of High Yield variety seeds which doubled the production and maintained food security of the country. Also, today’s popular IT technologies developed in countries with high population growth.

Economic benefits
Population growth provides numerous business opportunities. It leads to increase in demand for goods and services. And this demand encourages businessmen to try their luck in manufacturing the products and compete in the market. The countries with high production in specific goods gain monetary benefits by exporting them. Increase in the labor force makes a country capable and enhances its infrastructure advancement.

Negative effects of population growth:

Numerous factors stimulate government to enact laws in limiting population growth.

Unemployment is an important cause of the overpopulation. With an increase in the number of individuals for few jobs, the competition rises and a small amount gets an employment. And those jobs are either disguised or an underemployment. Many developing and under-developed countries face this problem as they do not possess required infrastructure and facilities to generate employment for masses. Also, the rates of living standard, diseases, and suicides are high, in these countries.

Food security issues
A nutritious food and a 3 meals-a-day is a major problem arises with the population growth. As food is a basic requirement of an individual, the demand increases with population. The government of countries with low capacity and cropping area finds difficulty in fulfilling these demands. At times, these countries have to import grains in a large amount, which results in limiting the budget set for the profitable development. And the high pressure on the available food stock engenders inadequate supply, which leads to malnourishment and diseases, thereafter.

Environment degradation
History shows that high food demand changed the forests into the cultivable lands. Low forest area means decreased wildlife, which increases animals-humans conflict at the boundary regions. Also, cutting of forest leads to unanticipated climate changes, which impact the human life and settlements. The population growth enhances the limited natural resources use such as coal and petroleum, which degrades the environment in the form of air, soil, and water pollution.

Low per capita income
For a balanced per capita income, the economic and population growth must go hand in hand. In countries, where population growth rate exceeds economic growth, the per capita income lowers. This, in turn, minimizes the savings and lowers the living standard among the general population.

Lower land-man ratio
The agriculture sector employs maximum labor force in developing countries. In countries such as India, the overpopulation in rural areas has led to the land fragmentation. This leads to the lowering land-man ratio, which means low income per head, a foremost cause of poverty.

With population growth, the demand for every basic good increase. This demand leads to inflation, which means higher spending on necessities. The low income and high price increase cost of living, which drags an individual to poverty.
Many studies criticize population growth, as it impacts a nation’s self-reliance to great extent. Today, the population across the world is increasing at alarming rate. The concern regarding its consequences is fair but the need of an hour is to find the solutions to limit them. At first, the developing/ underdeveloped countries with high growth rate such as India, Nigeria must bring out the government policies and create awareness among masses regarding the issues arising from overpopulation. Also, the negative effects can only be minimized if government and citizens work together to achieve the same goal.

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Positive and negative effects of reconstruction

Reconstruction refers to the period that followed the American Civil War. In this period of 1863-77, the federal government of America enacted three amendments to grant political and civil rights to the African-Americans. The Radical Republicans in Congress played a major role in fighting for the recognition and rights of African-Americans. Both the presidents of the period, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, expressed distinct views regarding civil rights to the freedmen which greatly impacted the equality achievement. While reconstruction came as an inspiration and a step toward equality for black people, many whites in South disregarded the government legislation and revolted against it.

Positive and negative effects of reconstruction

Positive effects of reconstruction:

With reconstruction, America became a home to the African-Americans in a real sense.

End of slavery

Reconstruction legally abolished the slavery with the thirteenth amendment. The federal government restricted all territories from continuing slavery. This formal enactment provided relief to the African-American, who faced extreme harassment and long working hours with no fair bread.

Political rights

The fifteenth amendment granted black men the right to vote. Also, the federal government made certain constitutional provision which allowed African-American to carry public offices. This period saw the entrance of colored men into the Congress. Also, civil rights act accorded African-American a citizenship and security of person and property. As per the act, any person violating the law will face trial in federal court. In this way, reconstruction era removed the racial discrimination in politics.

Economic benefits

The civil rights gave freedmen the opportunity to own a land. A former slave received wages for the labor along with housing, food, and medical care against a contract signed to work for a year.

Judicial rights

By enacting the fourteenth amendment, Constitution promised the African-American an equal protection under the law and stated every territory to comply with the act. The Freedman’s Bureau, established by Republicans, protected the legal rights of the freedmen including arranging labor contracts, instituting schools and churches, and assisting a thousand southerners uprooted by the civil war.

Public infrastructure

The voice of African-American in the Congress gave a welfare blow to the freedmen. Moving on the path of reconstruction, the state government established the first public school system in the South. They built hospitals and institutions for the orphans and mentally challenged ones in the region. In addition, several acts prohibited the racial discrimination in public transportation and settlements. For the southern economic expansion, the federal government aided railroads with a fair piece of the budget.

Social benefits

Prior to the reconstruction, the marriages of African-American stay unrecognized. But, later, the government allowed registration of the marriages which helped them in solidifying their family ties. The African-Americans could now create independent religious institutions, which became the nucleus of their community life.

Negative effects of reconstruction

Bringing back the south into the union was equally difficult, as removing the racial discrimination from the hearts of whites.

Ku Klux Klan origin

Many whites in the South distant themselves from acknowledging the freedmen civil rights and disapproved the new suffrage and public employment acts. This gave rise to the Ku Klux Klan, who aimed Republican leaders and blacks in the region. The period of 1867-69 saw murders and massacres of Republican and freedmen by the Klan hands.

Missing objective

The right of owning a land showed a minute positive effect on African-Americans, as they had no money to buy one. Also, war and ignorance damaged the plantations. In addition, poor transportation network in the South provided little travel luxury. Job opportunities meant insignificant to the freedmen, who had meagre education and learning accessibility.

Challenges to freedmen

The Democrat-controlled Southern states passed Black codes in 1865-66, with an intent of restricting African-Americans’ freedom. It compelled them to work for low wages. Also, the code aimed to prohibit freedmen from voting, holding offices, association, and learning. Many northern states banned former slaves to reside in the region. In many ways, the sole purpose of several state government was to preserve slavery and sustain whites’ supremacy. Though the freedmen were legal citizens as per federal government, they faced similar discrimination as slavery in the region.

Reconstruction sought to bring the south back to the union and civil rights for the former slaves but it failed to achieve its prime aim. The results could have been different if state governments would have supported the federal government’s vision of making a united nation. At the same time, this small step towards the racial equality gave the future successor an idea of integration which played a major role in making the Great America of today.

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