Negative effects of B type personality

 It’s been the norm for a while, but most companies today, insist on their prospective employees taking a personality test, in order to gauge whether they are A type, or B type personality. While this may seem inane, most companies insist on the same for a very specific purpose. The fact remains that most people belong to these two types, with type A being more aggressive and a problem solver. Companies utilize this information to gauge the abilities and personalities of prospective employees in order to see their profile would be a good match for their current requirements. Type B personality generally denotes an easy going manner, one who is more of an extrovert and less stressed; one who is able to handle situations on the fly, so as to speak. However, there are a few negative side tones to this particular grouping, do check below for more information.

Negative effects of B type personality

  • Procrastinate: Most B personality types tend to procrastinate; and in a corporate set up, it is essential that all the work is done as per schedule and deliverables executed on time. While we may all procrastinate from time to time, B personality types tend to rush in all the work at the very last minute, resulting in error and late deliveries. In fact, they would be hard pressed to even meet simple goals on time.
  • Moody: While on the outset, B personality types are often considered to be emotionally stable, they have this tendency to become moody and reflective from time to time. While this is not earth shattering on its own, it can be a crimp in a party setting. They tend to be quite expressive over their inner emotions and generally tend to display the same, which results in these mood swings.
  • Casual: One of the good and negative characterizations of the B personality types is the fact that they are too easy going and hardly get stressed about anything. The problem though is that B personality types take casual into a new art form, by refusing to take anything seriously. They dress the part and in this case casual, and pay scant regard for office policies. They are often criticized for taking the term ‘casual’ to a whole new level and their refusal to take anything seriously can actually impede their promotion in an office setting for the simple reason that their ‘casual’ attitude is often widely perceived as being ‘non serious’. In other words, most B personality types are not thought to be decisive which can act as an impediment when it comes to promotions and giving a kick start to their career.

These are some of the negative effects of a B type personality; in case you want to know more, you can always take a personality test and learn more about yourself. In the end, irrespective of what personality you may be, you are who you are because of your principles and your roots. You are what you are meant to be and it is up  to you to handle those flaws and convert the same into strengths.

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