Positive and negative effects of social media

Social media is the rage today. Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we see the world. There’s hardly anyone who’s not yet mesmerized by the wonders of social media. Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tinder etc are some of the popular social networking websites and applications.
Along with disappearing barriers of space, it has drawn barriers of trust! Technology has its demerits and merits, and so does its offspring – Social Media.

Positive and Negative effects of social media

Positive effects of social media

Social media has improved communication all over the world. The whole world is well connected to every other part of it now. Children can now connect with their aunts and uncles in India while they themselves are in America. Long lost childhood friends can be reunited with, thanks to social networks.

Entertainment has been redefined with the emergence of social media. You can share files, videos, GIFs, pictures and a lot more on social networking sites.

Social networking have given introverts their break. One can now speak their mind without worrying about filthy grimaces by friends and foes. And of course you can check on your crush’s information by just clicking the right buttons on social media. Also, sharing stuff on social media can help one gain some much needed help.

Home works, assignments and research material can be easily shared amongst students with the help of these sites. Social media has made distant courses very easy to attend. Online distant education systems have helped literal a lot of people over the last decade. Enhancement of knowledge is a definite merit of social media.

Social networks have helped boost business. Where advertising on television and radio had cost thousands of bucks, advertising on the net can be virtually free of cost. One can post on the Facebook and reach a hundred, sometimes a million people at the same time. Likes and dislikes of the general public can be assessed easily by marketing companies. Due to social media article writers, Bloggers and content creators have freedom to express their forms of art in an unrestricted environment. It helps people develop better perspectives and reviews about current issues. Ideologies can be shared freely now.

Negative effects of social media

Social media has definitely strengthened connections, but it has also devoid us of the sense to judge which connection is worth fostering. We are now trying to communicate to people who are continents apart and, in the process, are neglecting the people who are physically present next to us. A false sense of positivity and communication is going viral. Relationships are breaking and trusting souls are disappearing.

Cyber bullying is a major threat to the minds of the young. It is fueled by social media and can leave a devastating scar on the brain of the victim.

Death of creativity and birth of inactivity is another aftermath of social media usage. Kids, instead of playing cricket and painting, are consumed into Facebook and the likes.

It is the cause for distraction of students and employees alike, leading to decreased productivity. A ping on whatsapp or a message on Facebook is irresistible to old and young alike. A few minutes of Instagram night before an important exam can be devastating! It leads to a terrible kind of addiction that slowly eats up the individual. Eye sight loss, migraines and increased anxiety issues are just the beginning. I’d quote Shannon L. Alder here, “An open Facebook page is simply a psychiatric dry erase board that screams, “Look at me. I am insecure. I need your reaction to what I am doing, but you’re not cool enough to be my friend. Therefore, I will just pray you see this because the approval of God is not all I need.”

With social media comes an increased sense of courage and that is followed by us publicizing our lives. Most of us have provided the net with all sorts of possible data about our family and profession. This can lead to serious security breaches in our lives and can destroy is, if misused. A simple rumor can ruin our reputation. Personal data can be obtained by hacking or phishing by criminals. A number of frauds and scams have taken place due to social media.

Social media has also been a cause of death. Over use is one thing, but copying stunts shared by other users takes stupidity to a whole new level- a level where one can lose his life. It also glamorizes drugs and alcohol. Habits such as smoking and drinking have been glorified using social media in the past. Adolescents are trapped into these circles and ruin their lives.

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Positive and Negative effects of internet

Internet has taken the world by surprise with its magnificent powers of eliminating the boundaries of space and time. Its grandeur is magnified by the fact that it enables one to do tasks that were regarded as nothing short of “miraculous” by people a few decades ago.
Internet is a global system of inter connected networks that help the sharing and manipulation of various kinds of data by following a set of protocols. Internet service providers help you get a connection to this wide network. Though internet has proven beneficial to us, it has its negative points. Let us explore them in detail.

Positive and Negative effects of internet

Positive effects of Internet

“Right now, with social networks and other tools on the Internet, all of those 500 million people have a way to say what they’re thinking and have their voice be heard” says Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook.

Internet has made doing research on an elementary level much easier. Instead of pouring over old books we can as well type a few words on the net and get all relevant information in a matter of seconds. This has helped build the conceptual framework of scholars and encouraged sharing of knowledge.

Communication has shifted from snail mails of e-mails, long lines in front of telephone booths to smart phones and post cards to GIFs. One can now log on to Skype and have a face to face chat using its video calling services and that too free of cost! Reuniting with childhood friends on social networking sites and catching up with families have never been easier!

Teleconferencing and data sharing helps people around the globe sit together in a conference. It saves a lot of traveling time and cost and can be conducted anywhere, anytime. Internet also facilitates people by tracking weather reports. If there’s a hurricane due, your net would warn you!

Internet has increased employment in a number of ways. One can work from the luxury of their home on the internet now. Posting of advertisements and recruiting employees from all around the globe is facilitated by the net. One can display their products on the net and connect with prospective buyers with distance not being an issue.

Trade is flourishing due to e-commerce sites. E-wallets are also helping and encouraging business. Boundaries of nations are not a problem anymore. Also, nowadays shopping with your wife doesn’t necessarily mean walking up and down the streets laden with bags in the scorching sun.

Internet has made several tasks easier, cheaper and faster. Data storage and retrieval doesn’t take hours and long piles of notebooks, all you need is a little pen drive and some handy skills.

Negative effects of Internet

With information, internet also provides us with entertainment. Games are one of the top forms of online entertainment. Adults and children alike are sometimes addicted to these games which can be extremely harmful for them, both personally and professionally. They start devoting most of their time to the net, and as the old saying goes “Time is Money”.

Again, with scholastic information, some rampantly unproductive content is also available freely on the net which can corrupt the minds of young, growing children. Violent and overly inappropriate visuals can cause long lasting damage.
Social networking, though beneficial, can sometimes engulf you in the virtual reality to such an extent that you start losing your actual identity. People lose touch with around the in order to communicate with people miles away. Needless to say, it ends relationships disastrously.

Data manipulation by criminals on the net causes breaches that can be extremely harmful. Internet facilitates all sorts of hackers and crackers, leaving your data vulnerable. No matter how high a method of security we use, internet permits loopholes to exist.

Lack of creativity and Cyber bullying are other instances of disadvantages of the net. Insomnia, physical inactivity, abandonment of the family, internet addiction, cheating, corruption, morally unacceptable behavior and crimes are on the rise since internet came into existence.

It has its great uses, but internet is also a potential hazard. To justly sum up the powers of the net, I’ll echo Dorothy Gambrell (Cat and Girl Volume I),
“If television’s a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian who won’t shut up.”

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Positive and Negative effects of technology

The great advancements in technology have changed the world radically. The proliferation of technologies that eliminate the boundaries of time and space have been extremely useful to us. From the way we eat to our definitions of luxury, everything has changed over the past decades. Computers, tablets, smart phones, airplanes, televisions, missiles, rockets, machines, toasters, air conditioners etc have made our lives easier and have shrunk the world into a small sphere. But this marvelous scientific stream – technology – has its own negative points as well. Let’s explore them here.

Positive and Negative effects of technology

Positive effects of technology

Technology has made transportation much easier. We can now cover hundreds of kilometers in a single day in the comfort of our temperature regulated cars, airplanes or trains. Trains can help us navigate hills and mountains and airplanes make it possible to cross the 7 seas in a matter of days. One can now view traveling as luxury.

Invention of computers and tablets has made business very easy. One can sell and buy items in a few clicks, post advertisements for jobs and recruit people from all over the world and communicate with business associates from miles away. Face time applications like Skype have made attending conferences easier. Data storage was never easier, thanks to the invention of hard disks and USBs.

Trade has improved tremendously due to technology. Globalization has a whole new meaning and the factors of time and space no more hinder the growth of cross border trading. Electronic fund transfer methods and e-wallets have made the transaction of money easier.

Assessment of remote areas through satellites and exploring the space are no more out of reach.

Technology has made it possible to harness solar and wind energies, reducing the use of polluting non – renewable fossil fuels. This has gone a long way in helping us preserve Mother Nature. Research towards bio fuel and efficient combustion has also helped us curb pollution, which in turn has improved life expectancy.

Internet, a marvel of technology, has made it possible for people to look up information regarding any topic in a few minutes. One can work, learn, communicate and get paid on the internet. One can revive their long lost friendships; reunite with long forgotten relatives on the internet. Literacy rates have been rising due to distant learning courses available on the net. Web Seminars, educational games, globalization and internet research have improved standards of modern day education. Defense systems and medical surgeries have reached new heights.

Negative effects of technology

Although technology has its merits, it is damaging to several areas of life. Addiction to gadgets is giving rise to new psychic problems. Anxiety disorders, eyesight issues and heart problems are on the rise ever since these screens emitting harmful radiations have come into existence. Migraines, arthritis, blurred vision, spine dislocations etc are connected to long stretches of time spent in front of computers. Mobile phones and laptops are a huge distraction to the student community as well as to office goers. Heavy usage of social networking is creating communication gaps. Generation gaps, divorces and rifts are on a rise ever since technology took over.

The streaming of unfit content full of violence and inappropriate activities are available freely to public eyes, causing irreparable damage to the thinking of young minds. Thought processes of small children are very influential, and such content is not suitable for them.

People are becoming lazier and creativity amongst youngsters is dying. Present day games are killing it. Another major issue is security of data. Data breaches due to hacking and phishing is a very common occurrence. We are at the mercy of gadgets to protect our oh-so-precious data. One single tech catastrophe and we’re gone.

Though Agriculture has gained a lot from technology, it has also learnt the use of chemicals. Pesticides and insecticides are harmful for the health of consumers; however this fact is being neglected by farmers.
Another inevitably huge factor is pollution. Pollution in humongous amounts is caused by technology. Part of computers and other gadgets are non-disposable toxic materials that release lead and mercury which are extremely harmful to the society. Cars and other vehicles release benzene, carbon dioxide, etc that cause numerous problems like acid rain, global warming and cancer.

Conclusion: Technology is an ever progressing branch. Science is striving hard to remove the demerits of gadgets, but with development destruction is inevitable.
I’d like to end my quoting Thomas Elva Edison, the famous inventor,
“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.”

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