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Negative effects of Instagram

Instagram, seems to be growing in popularity every single day, and there are studies that indicate that Instagram posts are seeing a higher interaction rate than Facebook which in itself is all the more telling. Instagram, like every other social media site out there, comes with its own negative effects. Here’s to taking a closer look at some of them.

Negative effects of Instagram

Addiction: Some users find it hard to refrain from checking their Instagram every half hour; Instagram sites like every other social media site is equally, if not more addictive. If you happen to be one of those who cannot go more than a few minutes without logging into Instagram, then chances are high that you are indeed addicted to the same. You may need to consult a specialist to overcome this addiction.

Self-esteem: If you happen to use Instagram on a daily basis and the main event of the day happens to be when you react to Instagram posts, then you know you have a problem. As with all social media sites, it’s all about peer validation; if you find yourself reacting more to others posts than remain aware of what’s happening around you, then chances are high that you have a low self-esteem. This is why you need to make sure that all your online interaction is limited to the bare minimum and no more than necessary.

Depression: Social media sites like Instagram can make you aware of the fact that others lead a fulfilled life than you do at the moment. This realization can make you feel depressed and if you do not take effective measures, then you may develop chronic depression along with its associated health issues.

Loss of productive hours: Being addicted to sites like Instagram can lead to a loss of productive hours when you could have better utilized the same and put it to good use. Sure, you may get a few likes, may even have followers but at the end of the day, all of that does not matter in the real B&M world. For example, you could have picked up some new skill and beefed up your CV in all the time you were busy being engrossed by Instagram posts.

Sleep deprivation: If you are addicted to Instagram, then chances are that it has been a while since you had slept soundly. Sleep deprivation is one of the symptoms of addiction and if the same situation continues unchecked, then this could well lead to your health being impacted in the long run.

These are some of the negative effects associated with Instagram, and while no one is claiming that Instagram is bad, being addicted to it can even impact your health permanently. One of the effective methods for cutting back on Instagram is to develop a hobby or take part in a strenuous physical activity. That should do the trick and in a matter of a few weeks these should help wean you away from using Instagram all the time.

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Negative effects of online shopping

Today, more consumers shop online than they do in retail stores; online shopping is no longer just a fad or a passing phase. It is a way of life that we have all gotten used to for the simple reason it takes us less time to shop online than it would, were we to go head to the local retail store or to the local grocers. But online shopping comes with its own drawbacks and it is time that we took a closer look at some of them.

Negative effects of online shopping

  • Choosing the right product: Since you are planning to shop online, it would not be possible for you to try on the new blazer or the brand new jeans that you have set your heart on purchasing. The same applies to all products where it would be either advisable to try them out before purchasing them or at least sample their wares. Instead, you would have to settle for the information listed on the website and hope that the product in question turns to be all right. One of the common reasons for most people to return their online purchases is that it was not in the right size.
  • Addictive: Recent studies have shown how online shopping, like regular shopping, can turn out to be addictive. Not everyone gets addicted to online shopping but there are more than a few who are susceptible to the same. Addicts often find it hard to quit purchasing items online to the point that they would soon start purchasing items they do not need and it is only a matter of time before they chalk up a massive debt.
  • Hidden costs: Most products when purchased online come with hidden costs. If you thought that the final price listed on the website is all there is and that you do not have to pay more, you would be mistaken. More often than not, online stores charge tax along with packing and courier charges and in the end, you would end up with a massive bill.
  • Security: Since you would be utilizing your credit cards to shop online, you may want to realize that most online vendors store your credit card information so that you can check out faster. But this puts you at risk of a data breach and puts you at risk of having your card details stolen. While companies assure customers that all customers’ related data is kept secure and stored separately on a different server, you would still be at risk of having your card information stolen.

These are some  of the negatives associated with online shopping; no one is claiming that online shopping is bad but that it has its own shortcomings. You need to be aware of the negative effects of online shopping before opting to do just that.  And it is always a good idea to shop with a debit card rather than a credit card for obvious reasons.  So the next time you plan to do some online shopping, you may want to take a few precautions.

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Negative effects of garlic

Garlic, a ubiquitous ingredient that can be found in most dishes is well known for its pungent odor but what’s less known about garlic is the fact that it does come with certain side effects. It is high time that you learnt more about garlic as chances are that you have already consumed some during lunch. The problem, though is that there are more than a few papers including the one by Penn State University where the harmful effects of Garlic were published but it does not seem to have found much traction. Either way,  you may want to take a closer look at some of the negative effects of consuming Garlic.

Negative effects of garlic

Liver toxicity: The human liver is one of the most important organs in the human body but did you know that consuming too much garlic can actually send your liver into a tailspin? These findings have already been published by Penn State and the fact is that consuming too much garlic, cooked or raw can cause liver Toxicity. So if you are in the habit of eating too much garlic and all of a sudden you start experiencing severe abdominal cramps, then chances are high that your liver may be compromised and you need to consult your doctor right away.

Bad odor: One of the most well-known side effects of consuming garlic-laden food is the fact that it causes your breath to stink long after you had consumed it. Several studies have pointed out to the similarity between BO and garlic breath and have even tagged and identified the same chemicals in both. Eating garlic can cause your breath to stink for a long while after you have eaten garlic and even heavy brushing may not remove it right away.

Nausea: Eating garlic bulbs on the raw is a no-no on any normal day and should you attempt to do so on an empty stomach, then you need to brace yourself for a round of nausea, vomiting followed by heartburn. Not everyone has the same reaction when it comes to eating garlic bulbs in the raw but generally, it is believed that garlic oil, is the main culprit and can cause you to experience adverse reactions.

Internal bleeding: Garlic has been known to increase bleeding so if you are on blood thinning medication for various health reasons, then you would definitely want to avoid consuming garlic as it can aggravate the current condition and may even act as one of the causative factors for internal bleeding.

Gastric issues: Garlic is already known to cause episodes of nausea as a result of ingesting the same on an empty stomach. Similarly, it has a direct impact on your gastric health as well and can cause you to experience diarrhea, inflammation of the gastric membrane and much more.

These are some of the negative effects of consuming garlic which is why you need to take better care and avoid eating garlic whenever you can; additionally you may want to consult your doctor regarding the same.

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Negative effects of cursing

Most of us curse out aloud when we are frustrated or facing a hard situation but did you know that cursing comes with its own bag of harmful effects. For example, a few studies have shown poor development in children who come from less than ideal homes and had been exposed to cursing and abuse on a daily basis. This is why it is important we take a closer look at cursing and see how we can avoid the same.

Negative effects of cursing

  • Loss of companionship: If you are the sort to curse out loud and often at that, you will soon find that people have started avoiding you. Not because you have been cursing a storm but rather they do not want to be the focus of your anger or end up being a doormat for you to take out your frustration on. As a result, you may find that your friends often have excuses as to why they cannot meet you despite the fact you know that they are free.
  • Dysfunctional family environment: Excessive cursing can cause several people to go to any lengths to avoid you but when it comes to your own family, you’ll find that they view you more of an embarrassment than anything else. As hard as this may be to hear, excessive cursing on your part can drive apart those close to you and in the process, help create a dysfunctional family atmosphere which is especially not good for young kids.
  • Self-esteem: You’ll find that cursing too often can have an impact on you as well. As a result of frequent cursing, your self-esteem takes a hit. You are bound to feel that the only way you can communicate with others is through cursing and this can even become addictive to the point that you cannot utter a single sentence without a curse being rolled in.
  • Abuse: The line between cursing and abuse is not much; it is just a thin line and often when you are cursing black and blue, you may be exposing your children to the negative effects of cursing. Children are bound to act out what they had picked up from you and as a result, may start acting out in school with their classmates. It is only a matter of time before the issue reaches the ears of the principal and soon, you would be asked to attend a PTA meeting as well.

These are some of the associated negative effects of cursing; so the next time you feel like cursing out loud, you may want to substitute the swear word with an innocent one; try it out a few times and soon you should get used to the same. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to protect your children and that includes not using swear words in front of little children.

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Negative effects of prohibition

Prohibition was and still is employed by several governments as a way to curb alcoholism and to impose some sort of order. With alcoholism showing an exponential increase in the last few decades, it is fast turning into a crisis. With organizations such as SAMHSA reporting a sharp increase in underage alcoholics, governments are considering imposing stronger restrictions including asking customers to validate their age with additional proof. But despite the fact that prohibition was a dud in the past, several governments world over had imposed prohibition over certain zones in an order to curb underage drinking. But as in the past, the move proved to be more detrimental which is why we need to take a closer look at some of the negative effects of prohibition.

Negative effects of prohibition

  • Squeak easy: One of the effects of prohibition in the past as well as now was the rapid growth of illegal joints propping all over the place. And since these establishments are illegal, there is little to no restriction and various studies had indicated that it is more detrimental to allow such illegal establishments to function as it will affect the society at large. One of the reasons why prohibition was finally removed in the US had more to do with bootlegging and illicit liquor than anything else.
  • Illicit liquor: While the law enforcement agencies can prevent companies from transporting alcohol to zones where prohibition was in force, this, unfortunately, led to bootlegging and to alcoholics opting for moonshine to get their high. The problem is that illicit liquor like moonshine and others are manufactured under less than ideal conditions, with the end result being that several of those who consumed the same got extremely sick with cases of blindness and even fatalities being reported in.
  • Alcoholism: With their main supply being capped, most alcoholics would do just about anything to get their next high. If this includes drinking illicit liquor, then chances are high that they would do the same. As a result, any prohibition drive often led to several standalone establishments manufacturing illicit liquor with the expected consequences – form chronic liver disease, blindness to sudden fatalities.
  • Crime: It was found that prohibition often led to a spurt in crime as most criminals started smuggling liquor into prohibition zones. The differences between Chicago where prohibition was in force during the 1920’S and today, where prohibition is in force at several countries’, the differences are not that much. In fact, you would be hard pressed to make out the differences; the same business model is being used as liquor is smuggled in and with the expected fatalities.

These are some of the negative effects of prohibition so the next time your government wants to either impose a city or state ban on alcohol, you may want to get them to reconsider the same given these negative effects. This is why it is essential for you to review these negative effects carefully; one of the most effective ways of preventing alcoholism is by ensuring that the youth are well informed about the dangers of the same.

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Negative effects of water pollution

While it is commonly theorized that the origin of water happened as a result of bombardment by icy bodies during the early earth formation, one thing is for sure – crystal clear and potable water is fast becoming a rare commodity these days. Thanks to the various industries polluting various water bodies across the planet, clean drinking water seems to be more of a myth than a reality.

Negative effects of water pollution

The fact remains that ever since we have been polluting earth since the advent of the industrial age and as a result, have stressed out whatever little resources we have left, well beyond the point of no return. Water is not an infinite commodity, and with the few resources we have left, it is essential that we do all we can to protect the same. That’s why it is time we took a closer look at the negative effects of water pollution and all it entails.

  • Extinction of aquatic life: As more industries dump toxic chemicals and various pollutants directly into the various water bodies located close to their base of operations. The pollutants are further carried into the sea and here these toxic chemicals interact with minute organisms with disastrous consequences. There are even incidences of eutrophication, where the water bodies including parts of ocean and sea are deprived of essential oxygen as a result of these toxic chemicals. As a result, the process kills most of these organisms and all forms of aquatic life in that zone, rendering it sterile. This can have a cascading effect on bigger life forms which depend on these organisms for its very survival.
  • Food chain disruption: It has been discovered that tiny aquatic organisms often snack on pollutants such as mercury, cadmium and lead and when these are later eaten by larger organisms, the whole chain stands affected. In fact, there is a good chance that most of the fish that’s displayed at the local fishmongers may have been contaminated by toxic chemicals and substances. Eating the contaminated fish can expose humans to the same, along with several cases of mercury and lead poisoning coming to light with the source being highlighted as contaminated fish.
  • Hepatitis: Hepatitis and other chronic diseases are often caused by drinking polluted water. In fact, it is advisable to filter the water, after heating and cooling the same, before using it for drinking purposes. While most governments do have water filter treatment plants in place to treat water, the fact remains that you need to take effective measures to protect yourself, against various diseases which can be caused by drinking contaminated water.
  • Destruction of local ecosystems: Water pollution can cause the destruction of local water habitats and all life forms that depend on the same for their survival. Human activities such as littering can cause damage to local water bodies and in turn, cause these water bodies to become polluted thereby damaging the local ecosystem.

These are some of the negative effects of water pollution which is why we need to take effective measures when it comes to protecting this invaluable resource, on which our very survival depends.

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Negative effects of horror movies

When it comes to movie genres, there’s none that’s seen more controversy than this particular niche. While the reported negative effects of watching any movie depend more on the individual and their susceptibility to the same, the fact remains that watching horror movies does come with its own negative effects. A few studies have even conclusively established the link between rising incidences heart attacks and horror movies; this is why it is time we took a closer look at some of the negative effects of horror movies.

Negative effects of horror movies

  • Adrenaline: Watching a horror movie can cause you to experience several psychological cues and since the effects of the movie can vary depending on the individual, this can cause you to either be terrified or remain unaffected. One of the reasons why cult horror classics like ‘The Exorcist’ caused massive outrage and reaction was because the audience found the movie thoroughly terrifying. While being terrified, your body jump-starts its natural defense mechanism and as a result, causes an overproduction of adrenaline. Adrenaline has been known to trigger heart attacks and true to the norm, there have been several cases of cardiac issues being reported in, from audiences watching horror movies.
  • Sleeplessness: Watching a terrifying movie is bound to cause you to experience bouts of sleeplessness. You may find it hard to even close your eyes for a few minutes; and as mentioned earlier, the effects of the movie depends on the individual. If you happen to be one of those who often find it difficult to watch horror movies on the television, then chances are good that you are bound to find watching the same on the big screen quite terrifying and as result, would be unable to attain any good night sleep for a while.
  • Panic attacks, anxiety: Watching a horror movie after you had experienced a traumatic event can cause you to relive the same event and in the process, cause you to experience more stress, and even cause panic attacks. As a result, watching the movie is bound to leave you on the edge with your anxiety levels being ramped up.
  • Desensitization: Watching too many horror movies can leave you desensitized to the extent that it can impact your empathy. As a result, you may find it harder to empathize with others; it should be pointed out that this is not a rational or even a conscious act but rather an unconscious one on the part of your brain. Again, it depends more on the individual and the makeup of their personality

These are some of the associated negative effects that come with watching horror movies. And if you are planning to watch a few, then you need to make sure that you are not risking your health by doing so.  A recent study even highlighted the fact that horror movies have inspired several criminals to carry out their various criminal activities. But since the study is yet to offer any conclusive proof on the same, you can discount it for the moment.

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